Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wrapping Up Day 2...

Well, I have made it through Day 2 and today was easier than yesterday though I did put some strange combinations together.I need to get better about actually sitting down for meals instead of at my desk,from my purse, on break, etc.
Today's Menu:
2 Bananas
1 Plum
1 Honeycrisp Apple
Cherry Tomatoes
1 Mini Babybel Cheese
Salad Mix: American mix salad w/ tomatoes, cucumbers, half a pickle, lt. Ranch, Lt. Catalina (1tsp Each)
Blueberry Oatmeal
(Yes together don't ask actually wasn't that bad)
1 Strawberry Banana Yogurt
1 Greek Yogurt with Pomegranate

96 oz. Water

Exercise was still a little over a mile so definitely will be getting that up.

I signed up for a 30 day Program on about.com to get exercise ideas and keep me motivated. So that will be added to my blog as of tomorrow.

Used Clearisil, and Steps 2 and 3 from Dr. Miracle, skin feels pretty nice :)

Had to detangle braid ends today, used the braid spray and a wide tooth comb
Castor Oil on scalp and massaged
Rebraided loose braids.

Still not sure how long I want to keep these in, but since I don't have a new style in mind yet, if I can I will push these on into November so I can relax for Thanksgiving and do a length check, but the jury is still out on it for now. Braids do look better since I did them this evening though, I will only be washing 2 weeks going forward.

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