Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Skin Care

My skin care arsenal is pretty basic, but simplicity and being consistent work so we will see how well that turns out.

I got a very annoying dot above my lip yesterday, and used the old toothpaste method to clear that up overnight, so now I'm back pretty clear but still needing a regular routine.

I have the Dr. Miracle's 3 Step Acne system and I honestly don't know whether or not it works because I'm not consistent with it.

What I have noticed though is that most skin care or acne systems have 3 steps, so I'm not sure if its the actual products that work or just the 3 step process so I will be trying to use the 3 step consistently for a while (at least 30 days) to see if that yields results using the products I already have mixing and matching.

3 Steps To Healthy Skin:
1. Cleanse and exfoliate.
(I Will be using Dr. Miracle Step One, Noxema mixed baking soda, St. Ives Apricot Scrub, or Clearasil Blackhead Cleanser)

2. Toner.
(I Only have two so thats either Dr. Miracles Step 2 Regenerating Toner or Light Apple Cider Vinegar)

3.Moisturize and Repair.
(Ambi Moisturizer, Palmers Cocoa Butter, or Dr. Miracles Step 3 Repairing Lotion)

*Mini Rant*
My one issue with Dr. Miracle products is the tingling sensation all of his products are advertised as having, I've tried the skin care system, the conditioners, and the Growth oil and have yet to have a tingle beyond the first application, its a bit disappointing because thats why I bought the products in the first place to "feel it working", so my opinion is still out on the skin care part and I like the conditioner but have found much better ones, so after using up this supply I won't be buying any more of his products.

To round out my regimen I will be using a honey mask with cinnamon at least once a week.

Well that about sums up for now, getting ready for day 2 of Fat Smash, and I'm curious what affect the detox will have on my skin as well, will know in a few days.
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