Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Will You Teach Your Daughter?

I know many of us had healthy hair due to our mothers care and it seems through trial and sometimes more error we've ended up here trying to regain our previous health. I wonder what will we teach our daughters or sons even about healthy black hair, skin, or just in general?

I'm on a journey for a healthy body and hair, and I'm doing this for me, but also so that I will be able to pass on what I've gone through and what I'm learning to make sure my kids will be as knowledgeable as possible. Mainly my daughter, but if I have a son I will pass on the same. I will teach her about how lovely, kinky,coily, curly or even what's considered to be nappy hair will be. She will not grow up thinking that black hair is something to be hated or that healthy long black hair is something that can't be achieved.

She will know about washing, co washing, deep conditioning, oils, and natural products. I will not Just For Me her hair just to be able to tame it or because the thickness gets on my nerves as my mom did. :) Not knocking it but I want my daughter to have the decision to relax or not relax her, not something I want for her to save myself some time. She will know how to care for her own hair as the time comes.

She will know that black women sweat, that they workout, that they are a proud,strong, and intelligent breed and that the color of her skin whatever it may be will not determine what she can and cannot achieve. She will know our history and she will know she can take her place in that story.

I will feed my kids better than I was, my mom did the best she could with what she had but we never had vegetables that weren't covered in butter and salt, and to this day I still love smothered cabbage, greens and cornbread, ham, macaroni and cheese, and all Southern food, its part of who I am and who she will be, but she will have healthy versions or alternatives.

I will play with my daughter, walk with her, talk with her, make sure she knows that I am here for her no matter what, but I won't hesitate to discipline if the need arises, I want to be her friend, but I will be her mother always.I will teach and give her all the tools she needs to succeed so regardless of what occasion arises she will be prepared.

I do this because even though she's not here yet, I already love her and want the best I can give to her. 
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