Monday, February 27, 2012

*Back to Blogging*

Ok, wonderful blog family and new subbies, been on a bit of a hiatus, unintentional of course but life happens. Anyways some updates, we had considered this a few years ago but it is now official :

We got engaged on 2/14 and we're getting married on September 29th and since starting to plan I have been extra super busy. Fitness and eating better have been going well, and I am in love with Turbo Jam, I also had been debating about getting Turbo Fire and placed an order for it last Saturday, but something else caught my attention:

I am always up for a 90 day challenge and Jillian is one of my favorite and my most feared trainers, and when I saw this it seemed like the perfect thing to do to get ready for wedding dress shopping and its something he will do with me so thats an added incentive to stick to it. I cancelled my Turbo fire order and opted for this instead, I ordered Saturday so really hoping its here by the end of the week. I've already checked out the FB fan page and got some great insight on it, and got a jumpstart on the meal plan which will be 1200 cals, 3 main meals, and 1 snack per day. I've already been doing 1500 cals so that won't be that big of a challenge. And I intend on getting back to daily blogs and food pics of my meals, which seems to the best way for me to stay on track.