Sunday, October 10, 2010

If I Go Missing...

If I go missing I want the description to read:

Healthy black female full of life, with long brown hair, clear skin, and last seen helping someone.
If they can it would be great for them to throw my weight in there somewhere. Jk. :)

Welcome to my world and my blog,

I've been thinking about starting one of these for a while and decided that with the task I'm undertaking it would be great to document where I'm coming from and where I will end up.

My blog will follow me as I attempt to achieve my elusive weight goal of 199 lbs and grow my current NL hair to full BSL. I would love to have this goal achieved by the time I'm 26 but as long as I'm working toward it and making progress not in a hurry. I have a great opportunity to finally focus on everything I need to do for myself, recently have my house to myself so I have no excuse not to take this time to focus on making myself my priority. For Diet: My basic plan will always be Weight Watchers simply because I like the tracking app, but after a 25 lb. loss over the last two months I now realize that I can do it and I will be attempting the Fat Smash diet as a detox through the end of 2010. Details will follow about that. Hair: My hair has become much healthier and is currently in tree braids as a protective style, they will be coming down at the beginning of November, so that I can get back into my own hair care regime, have to say I actually miss my own hair and can't wait to get back to it. Skin: Getting that under control to but no definite plans as of yet.
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