Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31st!

Happy Halloween lovely blog family.

Celebrated another great milestone today that i will share with later when I can get my scale shot but just wanted to update my goals for the end of the year.

November 1st- December 25th

Christmas goal:

To be at or less
Fit the pencil skirt I bought for Christmas(size 18)

Hair goals:

Stick to my current regimen.
Henna treatment 3-6 hours (leave on all day while I clean)
or 1 hour if I just want conditioning.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

  Hello lovely blog family!!!!I am in such a great mood today and as you can see (hopefully from the pics above) I've lost some weight. I haven't been able to wear the outfit in the 2nd pic for over 3 years now,and its a size 24 :) As of todays scale shot I am 320lbs!!! Still a big number, but the scale is moving down steadily, and if I stay on track for the remaining 2 1/2 months of this year I plan to be at 299 or less by Christmas :)

Finished the first 3 cycles so back to cycle 1 after I hit the groecery store, think I may try to stick to the meal plan for this time to see if I can get even better results.

Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

October Braid Install

New braid install for October, I've decided to keep going for the rest of this year stretch to continue getting my hair braided every 4-6 weeks.

I've finally gotten the full Gro Aut line to use between installs, but for my hair while in braids sticking to my dry shampoo. I wasn't sure about this braid hair, seemed a little dull at first, but after I applied my braid spray and sealed with Grapeseed oil, very lightly I'm loving the style. 21 weeks post, so I know I'll be stretching at least until my one year goal in May 2012.

Had one frustration today while getting my hair braided, my sister seems to refuse to comb from the ends up instead raking a fine tooth comb from roots to end, and with almost 6 months of new growth let's just say we had some words lol. It seems hard to get some people to learn to treat your hair as you do, especially when they're not on hair journeys.

Current Regime:

Apply Gro Aut oil once a day.
Apply NuGro Scalp spray to keep my hair moisturized.
Tie nightly.
Take vitamins everyday and drink at least 96 oz. of water daily.
Keep exercising at least 30 mins a day.

Every 2-3 days clean scalp with Organic Root Stimulator dry shampoo.

HHJ Listas!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

*21 Weeks Post/!7 Day Diet Update*

Hello lovely blog family!!

Today is October the 4th and since I finally have an off day I'm trying to get my blog up to date.

Weigh-In the morning:

Scale shot:


Total loss: 30.4

Booyah baby, soon I will be able to kiss the 3's goodbye forever and forever amen :)

A little concerned though,I know my body and when I stick to a healthy eating plan and exercise my body will drop pounds like a going out of business sale at Macy's everything must go. While I enjoy the quick losses in the beginning, and I know I'm eating healthy and have been killing it with my workouts I don't want to end up regaining. I'm not going to stop though I'm feeling way too goo about myself to let it go.

I finished cycle 1 of the 17 day diet and restarted it last week, the second cycle is actually a lot like the 1st just every other day adding carbs back in.

My exercise has been crazy looks like when I actually try I found a lot that I liked to do, smh, hate that I waited so long but glad that I have.

Now on to my hair :)

Its growing well, still have to do another trim to my ends but that will keep a few months more then ends aren't split just thin, and with the thick new growth yep they gotta go.

My regimen has gotten really simple

Wash every 2-3 days:

Creme of nature shampoo
Gro Aut Herbal Shampoo
Gro Aut Herbal Conditioner
Jojoba Conditioner as a leave in.

M&S with a light oil and NuGro spray.

Apply GroAut oil once a day.
Massage scalp 2-5 minutes a day.

Take my vitamins:

3000 mg MSM
3000 mg Fish Oil

And so far I have been averaging about 128 oz of water thanks to my diet :)

I feel as if I should be able to hit both my goals for the new year and with right at 3 months to go, 299 and SL are mine.

Thanks for reading!!!!!