Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 3/ Gaining

1: BL Day 3
2: My favorite meal today, baked tilapia, cheddar rice and steamed veggies.

My baby's here!!! Yay, man I am so happy I have missed him so much. The wonderful thing about him is he has loved me through all me weight loss efforts, and though I didn't hit the goal I set for when he got back I still have plenty of time and funnily he is the one that encourages me to do things the slow and steady way. He says he doesn't care what size I am as long as I'm healthy so I will be here with him as long as possible. *tear* Gotta love my man.

Anyways todays totals:
Cals:1075, not bad I've been cleaning all day so I forgot about lunch and snacks, oh well very worth it.
Exercise: Burned 342 cals. And plan on getting more in tonight. *wink, Lol*

I was thinking about not focusing on just the losing part of my journey but what I'm gaining as I shed the pounds.

1. I'm gaining back my sense of self, self esteem and belief in myself.

2. I'm gaining back the other half of my closet that houses my smaller sizes.

3. I'm gaining back my sanity, since I won't be so focused on losing weight or the next fad diet.

4. I'm gaining back my pocket money, far less money is spent on special diet food, weight loss aids, books, or magazines, or fast food.

5. I'm gaining my patience, since I'm not focused on quick fixes, I'm working the program and making healthier choices that will stick with me.

6. I'm gaining years of my life, by getting in shape now I hope to remain active for the rest of my life.

7. I'm gaining back my sense of pride in myself and my abilities, as well as my motivation to see something through to the end.I'm gaining back Cyone.

Have a lovely night folks I know I plan to.:)
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  1. I love this post. The title freaked me out when I saw it but your new focus is beautiful.

  2. I had a status update on Facebook one time that said "I'm gaining and losing at the same time." I know exactly what you mean.