Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 4

After dinner, lounging with the hubby to be, hella sleepy and regretting my dinner choice, The itis has set in with a vengeance and I need a nap.

Totals for today:
1601 cals, this the most I've eaten all week and I can feel it and not in a good way.

Overall today has been a so-so day, I do know if I'm going to be cooking while he is at home I need to find some healthier recipes, this Southern cooking ain't nothing nice for my figure.

No favorite meal for today, but I do have my favorite compliment.It's always nice when you're not focused on losing and people start to notice your results. Getting up to take the plates to the kitchen and he said that my pants were about to fall off, keep up the good work. Considering that these pants were too tight just two months ago, I grinned all the way to the kitchen. Progress is a fantastic motivation :)
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