Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekend Update! Week 1 Weigh-In

Hello ladies!!!

I had an amazing weekend with the hubby to be :) And I actually remembered to update myfitnesspal and my Biggest Loser journal, food wise I cooked up some great meals and actually made them healthy so he didn't know he was eating healthy :).

Time to catch up on some much needed rest and I'm feeling pretty good, weigh-in this morning at 349, so that a 2.4 lb. Loss. Still a helluva way to go but one pound at a time.
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hair Rant, Leave My Head Alone

So I'm at work today minding my own, really not wanting to be here today and sleepy. Last night I moisturized my hair, oiled my scalp with castor oil, did a scalp massage, and wrapped my hair. Undid it this morning brushed out and thought I was set, its casual day at work and my hair fell fine this morning. Since hitting SL, I've gotten better at wraps and keeping hair flat, been consistent with castor oil so my hair is thickening nicely. Or so I thought.

I'm sitting at my desk minding my own, and the girl behind me asked what kind of perm I used. Now everyone at work knows that the last perm I used didn't take well.
After I told her the brand she said
"Oh well don't use that no more, it chewed all your ends up, you want me to cut a few inches off for you?" Wow, wtf! First off my ends look fine, I didn't even get any perm on that and second Who are you to offer hair advice, when your own is barely ear length, not healthy in the least and you in a glued weave 24/7 and the glue has left you with two bald spots and no edges.

I'm really starting to get pissed off, since I started taking care of my hair all the and I hate to say this but its how I'm feeling "bald-headed scallywags" are offering me unneeded and unwarranted hair advice. Half the time the ish they advise has nothing to do with my hair and definitely of no benefit. The only issue I see with my hair is its longer on one side and eventually I will get that cut even when it grows out more. Its a process and it will take time.

But in the meantime I am sick to death of everyone telling me what to do to my own damn hair or recommending unneeeded chemical processes or to hack at my hair.

Maybe I'm overreacting but these are my most current pics, and I think its improving, but I leave it to my hair sisters to be honest. What does it look like I need to improve?????
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 4

After dinner, lounging with the hubby to be, hella sleepy and regretting my dinner choice, The itis has set in with a vengeance and I need a nap.

Totals for today:
1601 cals, this the most I've eaten all week and I can feel it and not in a good way.

Overall today has been a so-so day, I do know if I'm going to be cooking while he is at home I need to find some healthier recipes, this Southern cooking ain't nothing nice for my figure.

No favorite meal for today, but I do have my favorite compliment.It's always nice when you're not focused on losing and people start to notice your results. Getting up to take the plates to the kitchen and he said that my pants were about to fall off, keep up the good work. Considering that these pants were too tight just two months ago, I grinned all the way to the kitchen. Progress is a fantastic motivation :)
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Product Review

Searching for a moisture product for my 4c hair and I've been trying some new treatments.

Doo Gro Line
Although their oil doesn't do much for my hair these two make a great conditioning treatment.One is for thickening(blue pack) and the other(green pack) is for Extreme reconstructor, they both feel the same though and for $1.50 a pack not bad for a trial size.

Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning:
I love Argan oil products!!!! If you're looking for a good cowash or deep conditioning treatment this is it. My hair had great slip after, very easy to detangle, smells wonderful and when it dries, the hair still feels moisturized and full of body.Only $1.50 for a trial pack.

This is also a wonderful line, its a heavy hitter when it comes to moisture, prefer it for a deep condition with heat instead of a cowash though.$1.99 at Sallys.

Castor and Argan oil are my staple oils but I have been experimenting with different ones just for variety.

African Pride Herbal Oil:
Cost effective oil, only about $3 at WalMart and can be used for other things besides hair, such as body as a moisturizer or as a nail oil. Also is a great setting oil for bantu knots, without leaving hair greasy or weighed down.

Hot Six Oil:
Love this oil as well also versatile and just as cheap, mixed with the African Pride is great as a steaming oil, or just for general shine.

Profectiv Growth Renew:
I'm glad this bottle is mostly gone, doesn't work well for my hair. Its a light weight oil and doesn't seem to penetrate my hair, just lays on top, gives shine but no moisture. Also has a faint smell thats noticeable, not necessarily medicinal almost like a lighter version of a Dr. M product, and thats not cute. Also for the price of $7, I could have gotten two bottles of castor oil. Only plus is the box comes with a spray applicator as well as an extra tip applicator, so thankfully I can reuse the bottle once its gone.

Not pictured still to try:

Palmers Coconut Oil DC Protein Pack

Will review it when I try it out.

My staple products will still be honey, Aussie 3 min, and castor oil.

Happy Hair Growing!
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Just a heads up...

In the coming days, one of my daily meals will be a protein shake. Don't want you to think I'm trying out another diet, I'm staying true to counting calories. But due to money flow, grocery shopping will be put on hold a few weeks and I gotta go with what I have in the kitchen already. Since nutritionally they are good meal replacements and I have beaucoup shake mix, I will be mixing away until I can restock.

Have a lovely day.
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 3/ Gaining

1: BL Day 3
2: My favorite meal today, baked tilapia, cheddar rice and steamed veggies.

My baby's here!!! Yay, man I am so happy I have missed him so much. The wonderful thing about him is he has loved me through all me weight loss efforts, and though I didn't hit the goal I set for when he got back I still have plenty of time and funnily he is the one that encourages me to do things the slow and steady way. He says he doesn't care what size I am as long as I'm healthy so I will be here with him as long as possible. *tear* Gotta love my man.

Anyways todays totals:
Cals:1075, not bad I've been cleaning all day so I forgot about lunch and snacks, oh well very worth it.
Exercise: Burned 342 cals. And plan on getting more in tonight. *wink, Lol*

I was thinking about not focusing on just the losing part of my journey but what I'm gaining as I shed the pounds.

1. I'm gaining back my sense of self, self esteem and belief in myself.

2. I'm gaining back the other half of my closet that houses my smaller sizes.

3. I'm gaining back my sanity, since I won't be so focused on losing weight or the next fad diet.

4. I'm gaining back my pocket money, far less money is spent on special diet food, weight loss aids, books, or magazines, or fast food.

5. I'm gaining my patience, since I'm not focused on quick fixes, I'm working the program and making healthier choices that will stick with me.

6. I'm gaining years of my life, by getting in shape now I hope to remain active for the rest of my life.

7. I'm gaining back my sense of pride in myself and my abilities, as well as my motivation to see something through to the end.I'm gaining back Cyone.

Have a lovely night folks I know I plan to.:)
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Counting down, boring day.

Day 2 of my food journal
Meal of the day, Chicken Corn Soup, delicious! And I made some pomegranate green tea, amazing taste.

Today's totals:
1449 calories
226g Carbs, 33g Fat, 78g Protein

Burned 342 calories, Yay!!!

Today was a pretty good day, ate healthy, moved my rump burned some calories, and right now I'm feeling very happy.

Counting the hours until my hubby to be gets home, its been almost 2 months since I last got to see him. I can't wait until he graduates this coming May, cause this long distance is draining and we get to celebrate, *wink,wink* lol we have some time to make up for.

Other than that pretty boring day, lifes going good and I hope to keep it that way.
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Monday, October 25, 2010

What I ate and did today, figured it would be easier to just take a pic in the evening of everything I've had. Did have too much fat and salt so will work on that for that tomorrow.
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Back to Weight Watchers

starting back tracking my points today, gotta stop being so damn impatient and stick to the program that works best for me. :( May take longer, but I have to learn to do it the right way and stop being stubborn and hard headed.
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Essence Hot Hair Special Issue

I am in love!!! I already had this month's issue of Essence and it was my favorite issue this year, I won't lie it was mostly due to the focus on healthy hair styles.
I'm over here drooling over the healthy, lovely hair through issue.

Imagine my delight when I saw this issue on the stands, flipping through it in the store I knew I had to buy it. I got it earlier this week but hadn't had the chance to go through it yet, sat down with it today and I'm learning in a whole new light!.

I'm been on an accidental hair journey since last year, I hid my hair for nearly a year and to my surprise it grew when I just left it alone. So I've been actively trying to grow my hair since about June. I found Hairlista right before my 25th birthday at the end of August and I considered that the beginning of my actual journey.

I've got the basics pretty much down but today I learned how to do three things thanks to Essence breaking them down step by step.

1. Blow drying my hair.
Been doing it for years but never have I had results this good or has it took less time. Actually learned that using a heat protectant is important in this step as well, took me about 10 mins to dry my entire head and my hair has a nice relaxed look. Yay!!

2. Flat Ironing.
HEAT PROTECTANT SPRAY!!! This is the ish with Argan oil, learned how to make curls stand without having to use a seperate iron and no smell of burnt fried hair, my hair still soft after and thats a first.

3. Doing the Doobie.

Again something I have been doing for years but apparently not the right way, can't wait to unwrap it in the morning and see if it falls right.

Other good articles:
It has so many styles for relaxed, natural and braid styles.
"Like A Virgin" tips for transitioning hair to natural which I'm seriously considering.

There's an ad for Brazilian Keratin and I'm checking into the cost of it and putting it on my wish list.

"The Mane Investment"
Helps you choose a good quality hair piece or extension, lots of great tips.

"Don't Sweat It"

My favorite article in the issue, since starting my weight loss journey a big concern was how to keep my hair looking good, this gave me so many tips I can't wait to try out.

There are so many pages of actually good tips for healthy black hair, if you don't have this issue, you should pick it up ASAP.

FlatIron/Blow Dry:
Tresemme Heat Protectant Spray
Argan Oil

Hair Today:
Honey Conditioning Treatment for 2 hours with cap
Aussie 3 Min Miracle

Blow dried with Argan and Tresemme about 15 mins for whole head.
Flat Ironed about 10 mins for entire head, let curls sit for 10 mins, combed out and wrapped.

Overall I think it came out pretty well and my hair feels soft and moisturized.

Health is also progressing nicely I think. My hair feels and I think it looks much thicker.

So far in my journey I think my hair
Happy Growing Ladies!!
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My First Bantu Knot Attempt

I think for my first time it came out pretty decent, got a curly fro going on and its different, but I like it. Unfortunately it was a no go for the SO, oh well my head my hair.
For this I :
Sprayed my hair with water.
Prepped with African Herbal Oil.
Sprayed leave in conditioner.
Twisted into about 15 small knots and secured with bobby pins.
Today is wash day so I'm doing a full wash, condition, leavein and twisting again with bigger knots to get waves for work this week.
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

*****Project 365*****

I really considered deleting some of my other posts that detailed different diets I was contemplating but didn't because I need to remind myself how indecisive I can be and why I need to commit to this.

I started my blog because I was and am sick to death of being fat. I want to finally once and for all get on track and stay there. I do not want to be in this same position next year searching for the next diet or fitness solution. I have too many good things coming up that I don't want to be on the sidelines for due to not meeting my goals.

Thinking back through my dieting history I haven't stuck to a diet or exercise program for more than a few weeks, I'm great at starting, but hella bad at continuing, and I'm finally tired of letting myself down. Sometime next year I will be getting married and I do not want to be a fat bride. I've been with him for almost 4 years now and I don't know how many times I've attempted to lose weight. The funny thing is he has managed to lose about 60 lbs. In this same time, and I have to say that is definitely a reason I love him. He has never judged me or made me feel like I needed to lose weight, even though I believe every ounce of the 60 he lost I picked up with interest.

He has supported me on starting every diet I ever have. From my no meat days to my liquid diets. Regardless of how crazy it was if I believed I could do it, he was there to say I could acheive any goal I set. I'll be honest I would have given up on me a long time ago, but he never has. Thats a motivation as well I want this to be the last time I tell him I'm committed to making a healthy change in my life and actually going through with it.

I want to be around to chase my nephews, to hang out with my brother who is also my best friend. I want to do this the right way, I've wasted enough time and it is past time to get right.

My Reasons to Lose Weight:

Me and My Baby

Another pic of us.

My nephews

My brother and my nephew.

Pics of My Family

These are my main motivations, I love my family and I want to be around for them as long as possible.

1.My family.

2. I want to be healthier.

3. I want to shop at any store I choose and not worry about whats the highest size they carry.

4. I would like to go to Vicky's and buy more than just perfume and lotions.

5. So that I don't end back in the hospital for another gallbladder attack.

6. So that I can reduce high blood pressure.

7. I don't want to get Type 2 diabetes.

8. I want to be a healthy bride and mother eventually.

9. I don't want to be a stereotype.

10. Eventually I want to become a dietician, I have to practice what I preach.

11. I want to finally accomplish something that I set a goal for.

12. I want to be a strong black woman.

13. I want to inspire and motivate other people in my family.

14. I want more confidence in myself and my abilities.

15. Better sex life. :) Pretty great already but can always be improved on.

16. More stamina and endurance.

17. I want to be able to complete at least 25 men's pushups.

18. I will feel better.

19. So that I will be more outgoing.

20. Mostly because I want to be the best me that I can be in all ways, and it will start with getting myself on track. I do not want it to come to medical intervention to lose weight, I've considered the gastric bypass surgery, and no offense to anyone the chose that, everyone is different, but for me its not an option I can respect myself for making. I've seen too many women my size and bigger who lost weight the old fashioned way to take what I would consider the easy way out. Beyond that I've also seen quite a few people who had the surgery and didn't fix the underlying problems for the weight and end up the same size or bigger after surgery.I want my success to be my own, something I sweated, sacrificed, and cried for.

Project 365

My concentration for the next year is taking the time to lose weight and exercise the right way, no quick fix diets, detoxes, fasts, low carb crazes. Simply counting calories and exercising.
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Friday, October 22, 2010

Weigh In Day, Ugh!

Well no loss this week, and I know its my fault, I've been battling a cold all week and been pretty miserable so eating properly and moving beyond going to work and home again have been out. :( Will be back on track today and hoping that next week's weighin is better.
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fitness Loot

Sorry if this rambles, just took two Benadryl and think they are kicking in.

So today was payday and I got up early this morning to get my kitchen stocked healthily, think I did a pretty good job :), also got a chance to get some new fitness goodies, The Biggest Loser Food Journal to track my food, water, and exercise as well I found a kettlebell on sale at the bookstore of all places, I've been wanting one forever and its normally $25 with the two dvds and kettlebell itself, but it was on sale today for 60% off, yea definitely scooped it up. :)

The Biggest Loser journal is set up kinda interesting though are no pages to weigh yourself I guess that could be put on anypage you, wanted have to say the book is much smaller than I would have imaginged but it will work just as well all the same. Can't wait to start using it.Anyways:

Getting ready for work today I noticed that I'm at that irritating size again, smaller than my current wardrobe, but still a bit too big for my smaller sizes, so that sucks. My favorite two pair of work pants I'm swimming in and while thats a good thing its irritating, since I need to hold off on getting more clothes until I've been on plan awhile longer I just have to deal for now, anywho. Papa Benadryl is calling, gotta answer.
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I Don't Need More Clothes, I Need Less Me

Up godawful early to go grocery shopping and restock some necessities so Wallyworld here I come. I was thinking about going to get a few new shirts and work pants, but looking through my closet I realized its not more clothes I need but less me. I have about ten outfits hanging up, tags still on from previous weight loss attempts that failed, and I bought the clothes one to three sizes too small, sure that eventually I would be able to fit into them after whatever diet attempt I was on that time succeeded, sadly most of them are still sitting in my closet. I want to get rid of them but they are nice clothes and I'm truly hoping that by the end of this journey and I can proudly remove the tags and showcase them.
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Personally, I Would Love This Body

We had a talk tonight at my WW meeting about ideal body images. It was amazing but it seems that the conversation came down to a black and white divide.
The picture above is what was used in this months issue of Essence for the body section. When I look at it all I see is a beautiful black woman with a nice shape and nice hair possibly weave but it looks nice on her, so who cares. Personally I would be happy with her body she looks to be a size 14/16 which is my goal size as well, so it gives me a mental image to goal for.

I'm not sure how other meetings are set up but my leader is the main reason I don't attend on a regular basis and would much rather track online or with the forums. When I started I set my goal at 199, which she continually complained about since for my height its still considered to be obese. Hmm I'm currently 336lbs,started WW at 361 and have been well over the 3 mark for almost 6 years and over 200 for as long as I can remember, I think to aim to get out of both of these ranges is a damn good thing. Its irritating because I was having such a good day and besides that I thought they are supposed to be there to support us not to make us feel bad about goals, but reach them. I think I'm doing great and that 199 would be a phenomenal accomplishment.

Her suggestion which she is short of force feeding is to goal for 135. Wtf? If I already see 199 as something far into the future,yet I think its accomplishable, but with my body frame and history its suitable,I think I know my body better than she does. Considering my history and what I want for myself I think I know whats a good range for me.

I left early before I even got the chance to weigh in, some people, especially people who are to be there to motivate and help you need to learn the appropriate ways to deal with people.

Needless to say I don't think I'll be going back to WW personally. I don't need to pay 40 a month to be made to feel that I'll never accomplish anything. Na, I'm good.
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Let's Make It Official!!!

Well ladies, its official! :) Now if I didn't have enough of a motivation to succeed, I do now, I want to be a healthy bride and definitely want my skin, hair, and nails to be on point :)
I'm thinking of a late summer to fall wedding, since I want an outdoor ceremony so I have approximately six to eight months to get on point.
I meant to post this earlier, but I just got surprised with my ring today. Aw, he definitely is a keeper, so looks like I'll be revamping a few things.

Have an amazing day ladies!
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3 Months Into My Journey, SL Made

I self relaxed again and I do think its going to be the last relaxer I do myself I never seem to like the results when my hair dries. Though it feels good to feel my own hair again, I will be doing a prepoo, wash, and deep condition today, and attempting Bantu knots to wave my hair.

I took pics today for a length check and I think I was right I have made SL :) Need to do some s&d on my ends and look at some things to thicken them up, my hair closet is running a little low so I will be restocking when I get paid on Thursday and then setting some year end goals.

Woke up a little sick this morning, and its my off day :( Sucks. I started to make some tea w/honey to soothe my throat and actually burned the tea, now how the heck do I burn boiling water? And I'm a cook so that's just extra sad. About to get my blanket and find the most comfortable spot on my couch, think I can scrap my workout plans for today as well. I've been browsing through Essence the past few days, looks like as good a time as any to catch up on reading.

*Also Excuse the shots of my hair, I think it should be mandatory to have someone on hand to take hair pics:)
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cheat Day!

Glad I weighed in before my cheat day began, so any damage I may have done will have evened out by next weigh in.

Today I ate:
Large Fruit Smoothie : Soymilk, 1 Plum, 1 Peach, Blueberry A├žai yogurt. Strange, but surprisingly delicious.
1 Chicken Burrito
2 Hard Tacos
1 XXL Chalupa
1 Willy Wonka Chocolate bar
2 Sweet Potatoes made into fries.

Sadly only about 16oz. Water

Considering cheat days I've had in the past this was relatively tame, I didn't go overboard and I got a few cravings out of my system so I'm not tempted this week, going forward going for 80/20, or maybe even 90/10, basically I will eat clean for the majority of the time and save treats or cheats for the weekends.

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Sunday Check-In WTF? But in a good way.

Ok detox ended officially yesterday and I weighed in Friday as part of the 15in15 challenge, but my normal weigh days are Sundays and Wednesdays, if I feel I'm having a good week. Anyways, after my little cheat yesterday that turned from 2 Cinnamon Rolls to 6 I felt that sure that the scale was gonna be something terrible.
Especially since after having them was like a sleeping pill, after I had them I was knocked out for 4 hours and woke up feeling drugged. Lesson learned, big doses of carbs result in itis.Another concern was that I haven't really "gone" since about Tuesday, but I figured with all the fruits and vegetables I was eating, after my body processed it, there wasn't much left over to go out.
Needless to say the cinnamon rolls moved me like a laxative. (Sorry Ladies, gross, but true.) But looks like it could have been a good thing, the scale this morning shocked me, but now I'm grinning like the Cheshire cat, I feel so great!

Now I know starting off my weight drops quicker, losing weight has never really been the problem for me but rather staying motivated and maintaining. This definitely motivates lol. Almost makes me want to detox for another week, but have to move on, reminding myself this is not about quick weight loss, but turning this into a healthy lifestyle.

Getting ready to hit the grocery store and stock up for starting South Beach.

Stay sweet folks!
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Its All A Matter of Numbers

Calories In, Calories Out

Simply put, eat less, eat right.
Break a sweat at least thirty mins a day.

Doing a bit of math today and that should be fun, I'm a nerd I love to play with numbers and formulas.

Finishing up detox and feeling pretty proud of myself and looking forward to starting the next phase and stepping up my workouts, but beyond walking and basic training I'm a bit at a loss.

Taking the fitness test in just a few, which will include:
SitUp Test
Squat Test
PushUp Test

Will track these over the next year, measuring every 3 weeks, and hope to see the numbers get,my next blog will detail my upcoming 21 Day plan, they say it takes 21 days to start a habit so lets see how true that is, details later. :)

Live, Love, Learn, Lose
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I Made It Through My First Week!

Still on cloud 9 from this mornings weigh in and I keep playing with my natural hair(one of my braids has come undone and just that little glimpse of length is hypnotizing) The more I play with it the more I want to go ahead and take all of them down, relax, and do a real length check, but Ima resist the temptation, this ten week stretch is getting on my nerves, real talk, but I know its in my hairs best interest, so Ima behave and keep it tucked away.

Hmmm, wrapping up Day 5, first off I have no idea what happened with my steps today, first I forgot to put on my pedometer and just remembered to grab it headed to work, and just checked my numbers and I didn't even break 2000. Kinda bummed, especially after yesterdays highs, but there's always another day.

Today I ate:
Peach Oatmeal, made with Soymilk
2 Hardboiled Eggs
1 Bag Cinnamon Apple Chips
1 Strawberry Banana Yogurt
2 cups of Grapes
Brown Rice Veggie Soup(Both lunch and dinner)
Sweet Potato w/Splenda, ICBINB, and Cinnamon

56 oz. Water
1,783 steps ( I know so sad, but I'm working on it)

Other than that, pretty average day could have been better, but it could have been worse.

Detox ends in a few days, and I will be so happy to add some meat back into my diet. This week has taught me that if I can cut down this far on my food choices and actually move my behind, there's no reason I can't make any diet I choose work or even better yet, I can make healthy lifestyle changes. :)

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Week 1 Weigh In !!

4 days of smashing the fat, and it seems to have done some good, got a bit of fat kicked out 5.4lbs to be exact.

*Happy Dance*

Nice to see the scale down though I'm getting a new one, this one racks my nerves and I'd like to start tracking my body fat as well.

Just a quick update, not sure what I'm eating today, probably oatmeal, grapes, and apple chips I know for sure, and I really want a veggie sub from Subway, figured I've been a good girl and a healthy splurge is in order.

Who would have thought a week ago a veggie sub from Subway would have seemed crazy, smh, you live, you learn, you do better. :)
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wrap Up Day 4

Not a bad day at all, just finished a nice dance workout and after the soreness subsides and I get my breath back I'm feeling amazing. The further I'm getting into this journey the better I feel and the more the right choices seem to be easier to make.

Ending today at:
5133 steps which is 2.42 miles, Yay me that is my current personal best and I will be pushing farther tomorrow.
Also got in a 20 minute cardio workout. :)

Today's Food:
1 HB Egg
Cherry Tomatoes and Mini Babybel
Veggie Mix with ICINB
Triple Berry Yoplait Yogurt
1 HB Egg
1 Apple
1 100 cal bag of Apple Chips*
1/2 Blackberry Yoplait Yogurt
1 Apple Yogurt Dipper
1 Strawberry YoCrunch
Big Bowl of "Chicken Corn Chowder"
Made w/ Brown Rice, Veggie Mix, ICBINB, and about 2 tsp. Of Condensed Chicken Soup

72 oz. H2O
20 oz. Diet Green Tea

I need to start tracking through the day instead of trying to remember everything when I blog.
But today I discovered Apple Chips, and they are DELICIOUS, plus on sale 2 for $1, so I will be hitting the grocery store to stock up tomorrow before they run out.

Today was pretty good, I was the most active that I've been in months, I need to weigh in tomorrow for the 15 in 15 challenge, and I hope I've held on to the 2lb. Loss from Wednesday. Kinda excited about that.


Hairlista has finally posted the last castor oil challenge of the year, and it begins on the 16th and I can't wait.
It's from 10.16.2010 to 12.31.2010. I found out I've reached grazing SL, so I know with the challenge being able to claim full SL, should be a cinch, I plan on stretching my perm until then to relax for the new year or maybe Christmas.

Finally, after stalking WalMart they have stocked this month's issue of Essence and I am in love with it.It covers two of my favorite topics, natural hair care and hair care in general and curvy girl fitness, can't wait to relax and read it.

Think I'll be hitting the Android market and look for some personal trainer apps, though I'm already in love with Cardio Trainer.

That's it for day 4, need to do my pedi if I'm weighing in tomorrow. :)
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Going Into Day 4

Well I woke up very early this morning to the sound of rain, thought it sound strange coming from only one side of my apartment, so I get up to check outside and find my hallway flooded, as well as my side of my closet(oh why didn't it wet my bf's side) and my bathroom pretty much a wading pool.

Yay, nice wake up call, I called maintenance and they've come to fix it seems my hot water pipe burst and now I'll be out of hot water for the day, yay. Glad its time for work and I got to take a cold shower, oh well at least I can shower.

Prepping for Day 4, and its become much easier have my snacks for work and I boiled eggs last night for on the go snacks, I'm missing meat but it lessens each day.

Also walked a mile before work and my goal for today is to get to at least 2.5 on my pedometer tonight.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

End of Day 3

Made it through another detox day and thankfully its getting easier and I'm getting more ideas so I'm not getting bored.

Today I ate:
Peach Oatmeal made with Soymilk
2 Apple and Yogurt Snacks
1 HB Egg
SoyMilk w/ 1/2 cup berries and 1 Splenda Fiber Packet
1 Cup Mixed Veggies
1 Cup Brown Rice

64 oz. Water
Walked 1.55 miles
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Cleaning Out Old Habits...

I think its safe to say I have been on just about every diet out there, the pic is just from this year, I know sad right. And the one I'm on currently isn't even on the table.So that I don't dwell on the past I'm putting all of these out of my way and focusing on just one program at a time.

I have been on cloud 9 about my 2lb. Loss this morning and as I mentioned earlier I need to set some goals I know what my overall goal is but definitely need to break it into smaller goals that I can celebrate along the way.

My first goal is going to be 25 lbs by Christmas. I think starting out I lose a little faster so I hope to take advantage of that while it lasts.
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2 Days In,2+ Pounds Down

*Again sorry, pedi is scheduled for this evening :)*

Well Wednesday is my normal weigh day and I was going to try to stick it out to weigh on Day 9 as suggested but I'm always curious so I weighed in this morning, very surprised, down almost 3 lbs and I've only been on this plan for two days, makes me very happy I stuck it out when temptations struck and I can't wait to my next weigh in. I still have to set goals for the end of the year so that will be done some time later today.

Have to also restock on greek yogurt, fresh fruit, and salad items, so when I get off will be makinf a mini grocery trip.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wrapping Up Day 2...

Well, I have made it through Day 2 and today was easier than yesterday though I did put some strange combinations together.I need to get better about actually sitting down for meals instead of at my desk,from my purse, on break, etc.
Today's Menu:
2 Bananas
1 Plum
1 Honeycrisp Apple
Cherry Tomatoes
1 Mini Babybel Cheese
Salad Mix: American mix salad w/ tomatoes, cucumbers, half a pickle, lt. Ranch, Lt. Catalina (1tsp Each)
Blueberry Oatmeal
(Yes together don't ask actually wasn't that bad)
1 Strawberry Banana Yogurt
1 Greek Yogurt with Pomegranate

96 oz. Water

Exercise was still a little over a mile so definitely will be getting that up.

I signed up for a 30 day Program on to get exercise ideas and keep me motivated. So that will be added to my blog as of tomorrow.

Used Clearisil, and Steps 2 and 3 from Dr. Miracle, skin feels pretty nice :)

Had to detangle braid ends today, used the braid spray and a wide tooth comb
Castor Oil on scalp and massaged
Rebraided loose braids.

Still not sure how long I want to keep these in, but since I don't have a new style in mind yet, if I can I will push these on into November so I can relax for Thanksgiving and do a length check, but the jury is still out on it for now. Braids do look better since I did them this evening though, I will only be washing 2 weeks going forward.

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What Will You Teach Your Daughter?

I know many of us had healthy hair due to our mothers care and it seems through trial and sometimes more error we've ended up here trying to regain our previous health. I wonder what will we teach our daughters or sons even about healthy black hair, skin, or just in general?

I'm on a journey for a healthy body and hair, and I'm doing this for me, but also so that I will be able to pass on what I've gone through and what I'm learning to make sure my kids will be as knowledgeable as possible. Mainly my daughter, but if I have a son I will pass on the same. I will teach her about how lovely, kinky,coily, curly or even what's considered to be nappy hair will be. She will not grow up thinking that black hair is something to be hated or that healthy long black hair is something that can't be achieved.

She will know about washing, co washing, deep conditioning, oils, and natural products. I will not Just For Me her hair just to be able to tame it or because the thickness gets on my nerves as my mom did. :) Not knocking it but I want my daughter to have the decision to relax or not relax her, not something I want for her to save myself some time. She will know how to care for her own hair as the time comes.

She will know that black women sweat, that they workout, that they are a proud,strong, and intelligent breed and that the color of her skin whatever it may be will not determine what she can and cannot achieve. She will know our history and she will know she can take her place in that story.

I will feed my kids better than I was, my mom did the best she could with what she had but we never had vegetables that weren't covered in butter and salt, and to this day I still love smothered cabbage, greens and cornbread, ham, macaroni and cheese, and all Southern food, its part of who I am and who she will be, but she will have healthy versions or alternatives.

I will play with my daughter, walk with her, talk with her, make sure she knows that I am here for her no matter what, but I won't hesitate to discipline if the need arises, I want to be her friend, but I will be her mother always.I will teach and give her all the tools she needs to succeed so regardless of what occasion arises she will be prepared.

I do this because even though she's not here yet, I already love her and want the best I can give to her. 
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Skin Care

My skin care arsenal is pretty basic, but simplicity and being consistent work so we will see how well that turns out.

I got a very annoying dot above my lip yesterday, and used the old toothpaste method to clear that up overnight, so now I'm back pretty clear but still needing a regular routine.

I have the Dr. Miracle's 3 Step Acne system and I honestly don't know whether or not it works because I'm not consistent with it.

What I have noticed though is that most skin care or acne systems have 3 steps, so I'm not sure if its the actual products that work or just the 3 step process so I will be trying to use the 3 step consistently for a while (at least 30 days) to see if that yields results using the products I already have mixing and matching.

3 Steps To Healthy Skin:
1. Cleanse and exfoliate.
(I Will be using Dr. Miracle Step One, Noxema mixed baking soda, St. Ives Apricot Scrub, or Clearasil Blackhead Cleanser)

2. Toner.
(I Only have two so thats either Dr. Miracles Step 2 Regenerating Toner or Light Apple Cider Vinegar)

3.Moisturize and Repair.
(Ambi Moisturizer, Palmers Cocoa Butter, or Dr. Miracles Step 3 Repairing Lotion)

*Mini Rant*
My one issue with Dr. Miracle products is the tingling sensation all of his products are advertised as having, I've tried the skin care system, the conditioners, and the Growth oil and have yet to have a tingle beyond the first application, its a bit disappointing because thats why I bought the products in the first place to "feel it working", so my opinion is still out on the skin care part and I like the conditioner but have found much better ones, so after using up this supply I won't be buying any more of his products.

To round out my regimen I will be using a honey mask with cinnamon at least once a week.

Well that about sums up for now, getting ready for day 2 of Fat Smash, and I'm curious what affect the detox will have on my skin as well, will know in a few days.
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Monday, October 11, 2010

End of Day 1/Reality T.V.

Well, I'm getting ready for bed and I'm proud to say I've made it through one whole day meat free! No soda, not even diet, no pasta, no candy, no chocolate, just good wholesome food and I have to say I am ridiculously pleased with myself. 1, down 8 more detox days to go.

Summary of todays food:
1 Mini Babybel Cheese (Lite)
1 Banana
1 Plum
A handful of Sugar Snap Peas
Cherry Tomatoes
Carrot Pack with Ranch Dressing
1 McDonalds Parfait w/ Granola
1 Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt
2 cups Brown Rice (made with chicken broth and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray)
1 cup Steamed Broccoli and Cauliflower
1 Apple/Pear Crisp(Oat Bran)

20 oz. Diet Cranberry Juice
20 oz. Slenderize Cranberry/Raspberry
20 oz. Diet Green Tea

Exercise: Walked one mile, not nearly enough but its a start.

Didn't count calories or points today but I think I did pretty well though I need to eat more and get in more exercise, I think I will be making a shake or oatmeal tomorrow.

Got my reality fix this evening with Jackie Warners Thintervention and I love the show, though I can't stand Joe. I know not to take reality tv too serious, and I hate to say it, but I was so happy to see him stumble so bad with the girls, he is truly a jerk and for him to be on a weightloss show he is very rude to fat folk and thats uncalled for.

And I'm so glad Shay got more screen time, I promise if I didn't watch the show as I do I wouldn't know she was there. But my absolute favorite thing about tonights show was the Pussycat Doll routine. I have that workout dvd!!! Lol and it is killer, but think it will definitely help get your confidence up if done regularly, which I will get back to doing once I get another dvd player, until then its the track or the bike.

Anyways got a date with my pillow so that wraps up day 1.
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About This Hair of Mine

1st Pic: Current Hair Supplies for braid regimen.
2nd:Fresh Braids
3rd: Three weeks in, glad just three more to go!

Ok part of this blog is also for my healthy hair journey and I currently I'm in a protective tree braid style and have been about three weeks now, but I miss my hair so much. I joined Hairlista a few months ago and my hair is faring well maybe thats why I miss my cowashes and deep conditioning and all the other things I've tried on my hair. My regime was pretty streamlined when I got my hair braided sadly.

Now I rinse my scalp with a mostly water and a little Mane and Tail Shampoo to get it clean.
Spread a thick conditioner over my braids focusing on my own hair and let it stay on a few hours to penetrate.
Rinse conditioner out then pull my braids into a ponytail to air dry.

Products I'm using for this style:
Mane and Tail shampoo
MegaGro Deep Conditioner
African Pride Braid Spray
Peppermint/Tea Tree Oil Braid Spray

Biotin 5mg
1 H&S Vitamin
B12 Dropper
DooGro Thick Growth morning
Castor Oil scalp evening.

Its funny normally I can keep my hair put away for months at a time but since starting my journey I miss the day to day care of my hair. These have been in nearly a month and it is truly a struggle to try to stretch these another few weeks, but Ima try at least until after my bf's visit home the last weekend of this month but the first weekend in November oh yea these have got to go.

I'm not sure about growth yet, I'm sure I feel new growth when I massage my scalp but of course that could be wishful thinking. My last perm was on Sept. 1st so I'm about 6 weeks post relaxer and still a bit unsure of how long I'm stretching this one, I underprocessed last time since it was only about my second time self relaxing and I was terrified that I was gonna end up with patches, so I haven't had an opportunity to do length check in a min,hopefully when I do it, I will have reached my first SL goal. Thats going to depend on what style I go to after these braids.

I've noticed a lot of Listas getting ready for fall/winter regimes, thankfully though living in the South I don't think I will have to worry about any changes for a few months yet. Anyways that about sums up where my hair is now.
Be back later, time for my reality show fix Thintervention and Real Housewives of Atlanta.
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People Think You're Crazy When You change What You Eat...

Well today is my first day on Fat Smash and so far its going pretty well, I've only had mostly veggies this morning and yogurt as you can see from the above pic it looks a little strange, but I honestly didn't expect so many comments from my coworkers.

Sad, what would you rather see me with chips and cookies or tomatoes and peas? Its a personal choice and not sure why so many chose to weigh in on what I put into my own body but to each his own and I'm doing this for me not then so guess who's opinion wins? Lol, me baby. So thanks but your approval not needed or required.
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Day 1 First Weigh In, Yikes! and Menu.

*Excuse the toes, in need of a pedi tonight :)*

Well you can't know when you make it somewhere if you don't know where you're coming from or where you're going.

Apple/Pears with Whole Grain Oats
Strawberry Banana Yogurt
Large Mixed Salad with Italian Dressing
Brown Rice with Steamed Broccoli

Lots of water and herbal tea as well as diet cranberry juice for the detox.

Will get in at least 30 mins on my bike tonight.

Well thats all for now.

Have a great week!
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Such A Pretty Face...From Fat to Fabulous

VWell, Day 1 is officially here and I can honestly say that while I did prepare for today this weekend, overall I was pretty lazy and that just made me realize exactly why I'm here.

All my life, I've been chunky,fluffy,thick,cushy, whatever you want to call it and of course there were those people who spared no punches and flat out labeled me fat. I've always been told that I have a pretty or cute face if but then have that person trail off as if it were painfully obvious what stopped that sentence from ending in my favor.

For a while now I've been in denial about exactly how much I weighed, I've been overweight my entire life thats been documented in pictures. My first ever public weigh in I remember was when I was 13 in the 7th grade at Phys. Ed. Our gym coach had called everyone else's weight out but didn't dare utter mine aloud. I mean what do you say to a 220 13 yr. Old? From that day I accepted my weight it wasn't something to be talked about, to be shared, and from the way she reacted I should be ashamed to even mention it.

From there I had thresholds to make sure I was comfortable, first it was as long as I never get to 230, I'm fine, 230 became 250, which led to 275, then just depressed and disgusted with myself I promised myself that while I may not lose weight I would never, not ever let myself weigh more than 300 lbs. I hit that around 17.

When I graduated from HS, I was a whopping 332lbs., my only saving grace was I didn't know that until months after graduation when I weighed in at a gas station on a family vacation. The number shocked me but not enough to healthily lose weight.

I went on pretty much in the same denial until a very cruel ex boyfriend gave me an itemized list as to why he couldn't date me. The first and last reasons were I was just too fat. It was a very nasty wake up call, but in a way I guess I should thank him that was the first time I was able to actually lose weight after being on countless diets from the time I was 13. After our breakup I didn't eat for nearly 3 weeks, I was just that depressed and when I finally broke out of that funk, I went on the Stillmans Quick Weight Loss Diet, if you're not familiar with it you basically eat 10 very low carb foods, equalling about 500 calories a day. Wasn't healthy by a long shot, but for the first time I was able to lose weight and quickly at that.

I got down to 260 lbs. Which looked pretty good on me, especially after being 300+ so long, I got some self confidence, my first job, and a string of boyfriends. I wanted more from life, I did more, I was way more active and for once I was living. 260 was not necesarily a good goal weight but was a far cry from the 332 I once was.

Fast forward a few years, I'm now 25 and starting my weight loss journey all over again but the right way this time. I've had more stress and bad situations happen since that 260 and I'm sadly weighing in at 352 lbs. I would be ashamed and as I've been struggling at that weight for the better part of 3 years I'm not, I'm proud of myself for realizing I need to do this, and that I need to do it healthily. I will reach my goals in this aspect, the first big one is 219 lbs. Which will be my smallest weight in nearly 15 years.

Starting Weight:
352 lbs.
Ultimate Goal:
219 lbs.

Starting Size:
28/30 W
Goal Size:
12/14 W

Thighs: 35"

I don't expect my journey to be quick or even easy, but hell I'm a fighter and I will get there come what may.

My plan of Action:

Fat Smash and Weight Watchers
Starting to Exercise everyday at least 30 mins, then working my way up.

Pretty basic for right now.

Anyways time for work.

Live,Love,Lose, Laugh!!
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Big Girls Are Judgemental Too...

I was searching through other blogs that focus on weight loss, and I noticed that the weight that different bloggers have to lose vary greatly from 20 pounds all the way up to 200 lbs.

Its funny I know that when me and my friends get together and I won't say I'm not guilty of this but I'm trying to work on it we can be quite judgemental of people who have less that 30 or so lbs to lose. Honestly I've heard us scoff at a blog with someone who has started out at less than 200 lbs and it had me thinking.

Why? We hate when someone judges us on sight alone or who doesn't believe that we can reach our goals when we have big numbers to lose, especially those of us who are in the triple digit club as far as weight loss goes.

Its very small minded to be unsupportive of someone whose beginning weight just may be our ultimate goal weight after losing 100 plus pounds. Weight loss is not limited to just those of us who are considered seriously overweight or obese.

And just because its a smaller number does not mean that their journey is going to be any easier or that the weight will come off any quicker. Doesn't mean that they won't have setbacks or fall off track. And I'm certain that them reaching their target weight is just as important as me reaching my own.

Why say I wonder why she wants to lose weight or why is she worried when she has so little to lose? Why belittle her efforts when I most certainly don't want someone to ask me why I try when I have so far to go? Why do anything other than offer support and best wishes as a fellow sister goes for her goals?

All I can think is that it has to be a form of "hating" or body envy, though we may never say it as such. And its something we have to stop. The black community is at its highest unhealthy percentage. We have the highest occurences of weight related diseases that can be avoided simply by changing the way we eat and exercise. Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. All easily avoidable, so whats to say that someone losing just 20 to 30 lbs. Can't help them to achieve this goal?

I've decided the purpose of my blog is to chronicle my own journey to the healthiest woman I can be, I have a long journey ahead of me but I intend to see it all the way through. I hope I can inspire or motivate someone who wants to start or restart their healthy journey regardless of what the loss goal is. I will remain positive and support all fellow bloggers, and I hope that everyone acheives the goals they set for themselves. With that being said, happy losing!
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Getting ready for Detox!

summary of my foods for the next 6 days:
Groceries Included:
SF Jello
Omega 3 Eggs
Fresh Broccoli and Cauliflower
Celestial Tea
Bavarian Wild Berry Tea
Splenda w/Fiber
Green Giant Steam Bags
Honeycrsip Apples
Sugar Snap Peas
Berry Medley for Smoothies
Instant Brown Rice
Salad Mix
Tropical Fruit Salad
Light Vanilla Soy Milk
I Can't Believe Its Not Butter Spray
Dannon Strawberry Banana Yogurt
Brussels Sprouts
Odwalla Drinks
Cherry Tomatoes
Instant Oatmeal in regular and fruit flavora
Mega Green Tea
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My Beginning Shots(Body and Hair)

Just some pics of me as I start my journey, I really hope to be looking significantly better in the coming months, but we shall see.
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