Sunday, October 24, 2010

Essence Hot Hair Special Issue

I am in love!!! I already had this month's issue of Essence and it was my favorite issue this year, I won't lie it was mostly due to the focus on healthy hair styles.
I'm over here drooling over the healthy, lovely hair through issue.

Imagine my delight when I saw this issue on the stands, flipping through it in the store I knew I had to buy it. I got it earlier this week but hadn't had the chance to go through it yet, sat down with it today and I'm learning in a whole new light!.

I'm been on an accidental hair journey since last year, I hid my hair for nearly a year and to my surprise it grew when I just left it alone. So I've been actively trying to grow my hair since about June. I found Hairlista right before my 25th birthday at the end of August and I considered that the beginning of my actual journey.

I've got the basics pretty much down but today I learned how to do three things thanks to Essence breaking them down step by step.

1. Blow drying my hair.
Been doing it for years but never have I had results this good or has it took less time. Actually learned that using a heat protectant is important in this step as well, took me about 10 mins to dry my entire head and my hair has a nice relaxed look. Yay!!

2. Flat Ironing.
HEAT PROTECTANT SPRAY!!! This is the ish with Argan oil, learned how to make curls stand without having to use a seperate iron and no smell of burnt fried hair, my hair still soft after and thats a first.

3. Doing the Doobie.

Again something I have been doing for years but apparently not the right way, can't wait to unwrap it in the morning and see if it falls right.

Other good articles:
It has so many styles for relaxed, natural and braid styles.
"Like A Virgin" tips for transitioning hair to natural which I'm seriously considering.

There's an ad for Brazilian Keratin and I'm checking into the cost of it and putting it on my wish list.

"The Mane Investment"
Helps you choose a good quality hair piece or extension, lots of great tips.

"Don't Sweat It"

My favorite article in the issue, since starting my weight loss journey a big concern was how to keep my hair looking good, this gave me so many tips I can't wait to try out.

There are so many pages of actually good tips for healthy black hair, if you don't have this issue, you should pick it up ASAP.

FlatIron/Blow Dry:
Tresemme Heat Protectant Spray
Argan Oil

Hair Today:
Honey Conditioning Treatment for 2 hours with cap
Aussie 3 Min Miracle

Blow dried with Argan and Tresemme about 15 mins for whole head.
Flat Ironed about 10 mins for entire head, let curls sit for 10 mins, combed out and wrapped.

Overall I think it came out pretty well and my hair feels soft and moisturized.

Health is also progressing nicely I think. My hair feels and I think it looks much thicker.

So far in my journey I think my hair
Happy Growing Ladies!!
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  1. I too love healthy hair and yours look so thick and PRETTY!