Tuesday, October 19, 2010

3 Months Into My Journey, SL Made

I self relaxed again and I do think its going to be the last relaxer I do myself I never seem to like the results when my hair dries. Though it feels good to feel my own hair again, I will be doing a prepoo, wash, and deep condition today, and attempting Bantu knots to wave my hair.

I took pics today for a length check and I think I was right I have made SL :) Need to do some s&d on my ends and look at some things to thicken them up, my hair closet is running a little low so I will be restocking when I get paid on Thursday and then setting some year end goals.

Woke up a little sick this morning, and its my off day :( Sucks. I started to make some tea w/honey to soothe my throat and actually burned the tea, now how the heck do I burn boiling water? And I'm a cook so that's just extra sad. About to get my blanket and find the most comfortable spot on my couch, think I can scrap my workout plans for today as well. I've been browsing through Essence the past few days, looks like as good a time as any to catch up on reading.

*Also Excuse the shots of my hair, I think it should be mandatory to have someone on hand to take hair pics:)
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  1. congrats I'm grazing SL but I'm hoping in 8 weeks after I take my braids out it will be official!!!