Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cleaning Out Old Habits...

I think its safe to say I have been on just about every diet out there, the pic is just from this year, I know sad right. And the one I'm on currently isn't even on the table.So that I don't dwell on the past I'm putting all of these out of my way and focusing on just one program at a time.

I have been on cloud 9 about my 2lb. Loss this morning and as I mentioned earlier I need to set some goals I know what my overall goal is but definitely need to break it into smaller goals that I can celebrate along the way.

My first goal is going to be 25 lbs by Christmas. I think starting out I lose a little faster so I hope to take advantage of that while it lasts.
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  1. The first thing i said when I saw the picture was WOOOOOOOOOW! were you obsessed with diets at some point? (joke) I agree with you it is best to start with one plan at a time (give it a month if it doesn't work try something new) sometimes options tend to be overwhelming.