Monday, October 11, 2010

About This Hair of Mine

1st Pic: Current Hair Supplies for braid regimen.
2nd:Fresh Braids
3rd: Three weeks in, glad just three more to go!

Ok part of this blog is also for my healthy hair journey and I currently I'm in a protective tree braid style and have been about three weeks now, but I miss my hair so much. I joined Hairlista a few months ago and my hair is faring well maybe thats why I miss my cowashes and deep conditioning and all the other things I've tried on my hair. My regime was pretty streamlined when I got my hair braided sadly.

Now I rinse my scalp with a mostly water and a little Mane and Tail Shampoo to get it clean.
Spread a thick conditioner over my braids focusing on my own hair and let it stay on a few hours to penetrate.
Rinse conditioner out then pull my braids into a ponytail to air dry.

Products I'm using for this style:
Mane and Tail shampoo
MegaGro Deep Conditioner
African Pride Braid Spray
Peppermint/Tea Tree Oil Braid Spray

Biotin 5mg
1 H&S Vitamin
B12 Dropper
DooGro Thick Growth morning
Castor Oil scalp evening.

Its funny normally I can keep my hair put away for months at a time but since starting my journey I miss the day to day care of my hair. These have been in nearly a month and it is truly a struggle to try to stretch these another few weeks, but Ima try at least until after my bf's visit home the last weekend of this month but the first weekend in November oh yea these have got to go.

I'm not sure about growth yet, I'm sure I feel new growth when I massage my scalp but of course that could be wishful thinking. My last perm was on Sept. 1st so I'm about 6 weeks post relaxer and still a bit unsure of how long I'm stretching this one, I underprocessed last time since it was only about my second time self relaxing and I was terrified that I was gonna end up with patches, so I haven't had an opportunity to do length check in a min,hopefully when I do it, I will have reached my first SL goal. Thats going to depend on what style I go to after these braids.

I've noticed a lot of Listas getting ready for fall/winter regimes, thankfully though living in the South I don't think I will have to worry about any changes for a few months yet. Anyways that about sums up where my hair is now.
Be back later, time for my reality show fix Thintervention and Real Housewives of Atlanta.
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