Sunday, December 26, 2010

So I've Decided To Stretch 6 Mths.

In lieu of making resolutions this year I just plan to do better, on the hair front I am in love with peppermint oil! Using a mix of castor, jojoba, and African pride herbal oil and my hair has never felt so soft and non greasy, and I'm loving the tingling even now.

Setting my hair goals I've decided to stretch for 6 mths, I'm currently about 7 weeks post with my last relaxer on November 6th and I'm going to stretch until May 6th, hopefully.

My current hair pics:

Back Shot:


During the stretch I plan to keep it simple as possible:
Use castor oil/peppermint oil mix and massage in, every day.
Use SSCarson Optimum Therapy 3 in 1 oil on ends.
Wrap and keep under wig cap or braids.
Part of the challenge will be hiding my hair for the duration.

Wash every 3 days with added Peppermint oil.
DC with heat under Hydra cap.
Air dry with leave ins.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Making Way for 2011...

As the last few days of 2010 approach I know I'm not going to make it to my goal of being under 300 lbs.for the new year, but I'm not sweating it. Since beginning my weight loss journey on my 25th birthday at 368lbs. I've lost 40 lbs, and I'm at 328.2 lbs. and though I've had some ups and plenty of downs, 40 lbs, is something to feel proud of!

35 lbs.away from losing 75lbs.and being halfway toward my ultimate goal. I'm so proud of myself even with all of my slip ups.

I've learned a lot and have a lot left to learn,so I'm staying solidly on track.

For Christmas I got the Wii Fit Free Run, and its winding me but I still love it so far. I also ordered Zumba which should be here within the next 7 to 10 days. I tried a few classes and loved them but at $10 a class they get pricey quick, and the schedule is not always easy to make it to a class, so having the dvds at home is going to be great.

I've been a bit bad at blogging lately, so starting with this week I'll try to update at least my weighins on Sundays.

Hope everyone is having a safe and blessed holiday.
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010

12 lbs from 50 lbs. Loss!!!

I am officially 12 lbs from losing 50 lbs!!!

I got back to my pre Thanksgiving weight last week but the scale seems to be stuck there. Instead of getting discouraged though I'm looking at the overall picture and I am 12 lbs from being 50 lbs.smaller and that in itself is a wonderful accomplishment!!!

We're on week 10 of the 15 in 15 challenge and with 5 weeks left I would love to hit 2 to 3 lbs a week for the remaining weeks and I think its possible.

Since I've stopped changing diets and just counting cals progress is being made and I can tell it in how my clothes fit, how I feel and my strength is going up. All great NSVs!

So staying focused and hoping to see the scale move in the next two weeks.
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Monday, December 6, 2010

325.4 Back In Effect!!


Finally! I'm back at my pre holiday weight!!!!!! Just a quick update, I'm finally back to my week of Thanksgiving weight and I'm super happy. I got my Kettlebell workout in this morning and it truly kicked my butt, but I'm glad I did it, may do another round tonight.

Just a quick update I'm back on track and loving it!
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

December Protective Style/Goals

My December protective style:
Amy 6 step on a weave cap, this should be up about 3 to 4 weeks.

Updating, hair seems to be doing well, will be in some type of weave or braids until the spring so that makes it much easier to stretch my relaxer. Currently about 3 weeks post and aiming for at least 12 to 16 weeks stretching.

For now I'm not using any topical growth aides, but taking Biotin 5mg, B12, and considering taking Castor oil as well. Normally I use it on my scalp, so I'm curious what a few months internally will do. If it doesn't work out I'll still use it as a deep conditioner before every install. Water goal is still at least 64 promote healthy hair, skin, and nails.

On the weight loss front I'm still progressing and tracking my food and exercising. I've lost 2.2 of my holiday gain so I'm back at 30 lbs down. Just 5 more until I'm back at pre Thanksgiving weight and then back to losing, I feel my 50 lb.loss goal so close and I have my sight set on it. I stopped freaking out over the exact outline and just tracked my cals and actually getting my workouts it,I can't wait to see my consistency pay off.

This Months Goals:
Take vitamins everyday.
Drink at least 64 oz. Water.
Maintain cap weave.

Lose 12 lbs.
Get in 1000 minutes of cardio (About 35 mins a day)
Complete 3 Kettlebell workouts a week.
Do at least 10 mins of Stability ball exercises every day.
Track my food and cals. I had a veru great day workout wise this morning I got my mother in law a stability ball and in the process I managed to work out two hours. then i came home and ended up doing another 65 mins of cardio and it felt great. Working out with her helped me to refocus on why I want to reach my goal. I want to be able to help people like myself acheive their goals. :)

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Where Will I Be In A Year...

I had a long talk with my friend Kiki today, we met a year ago on a low carb forum and started our weight loss journeys (again) together. Over the past year we have been on many different plans,regimens, and detoxes together, sadly though we both are nearly the same place we were when we first met.

Looking back just over the two months I've been blogging and I see the same thing happening thats been plaguing me since I decided years ago that I wanted to lose weight. I stick to a program for maybe two to three weeks, my exercise is sporadic at best and at first I drop the weight, but within a months time I tend to end right back where I started.

Its frustrating to say the least and leaves me discouraged and a bit disappointed in myself. With this year being so close to ending I want to feel as if I have made some type of progress toward my goals.

I made a list of all the diets I have ever tried:
*Fat Smash
*South Beach
*South Beach Supercharged
*Stillmans QWL
*Stillmans 14 Day Shapeup
*Jillian Michaels Winning By Losing
*Biggest Loser
*Grapefruit Diet
*Green Tea Diet
*Slim Fast
*Weight Watchers
*Calorie Counting.

I've come to realize that losing weight is not necessarily my issue rather maintaining weight loss. I have been losing the same 30 and on for the past two years and honestly I've finally got to the point I'm just done with all of it. Diets don't work for me, and lately I just can't seem to find the motivation for me to stick to one.

Here is what I have learned about myself and what I'm using to formulate my own plan:

*It all comes down to cals in vs. cals out.
*Exercise is a must no if,ands, or buts about it.
*My body does not tolerate white carbs, thats breads, sweets, white rice, and white pasta. Lately whenever I have them, its like an instant sleeping pill and I'm out, they make me very lethargic and drowsy.
*I have to track my food intake honestly, everything counts.
*Water is a must, its the best free thing I can do for my body, getting in a minimum of 64 a daily goal.

I hate to start over, but then again I haven't been trying really so its like I haven't started in earnest anyways.

My plan is simple aim to lose 2 to 3 lbs.a week through eating healthy foods and get in at least 30 mins of exercise a day.

No gimmicks, no quick losses, something I can live with for the rest of my life, and is sustainable.

I don't want to keep losing the same weight over and over again. I want to be healthy, happy and fit.

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I'm Back!

Ok I've been off the last two weeks or so and I've been a little down and off track, but I'm back!!!!

Diet/Lowcarb/Eating healthy have all been absolutely nonexistent and its a laugh what I've considered exercise. No sense in continuing to beat myself up about it, just do better in the future.

My initial goal was to lose 10% of my starting weight, which was 36lbs which I hit a few weeks ago. Unfortunately since I've gained back about 9 of those pounds and I'm at 333. :( Sad, but I'm not discouraged.

I'm putting myself of the Fat Free in 42 Kettleworx plan, six weeks seems like plenty of time to make real progress and if I push myself I want to break the 3 mark.

Its 2am so I need to hit the sheets but I will be taking my day one weight and measurements before work today and getting my workout done tonight, its only 20 mins :) so I have no excuse not to fit it in.
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Going From I Will to I Am

Confessional first, I have been really terrible with food tracking and staying within my calorie allowance the past few days as well as working out. I find it hard to get myself the 90 day plan and I'm still working on it.

I tried the Jillian plan but just reading the instructions doesn't help much I actually need someone to show me the moves so I will be using my BL dvds.

Workout Schedule:
Sunday: BL Boot Camp
Monday:BL Yoga
Tuesday:Rest or Pussycat Dolls
Wednesday:BL Boot Camp
Thursday: BL Yoga
Friday: Pussycat Dolls
Saturday: REST!!!

The BL are broken into 2 week levels but I will be taking the long way and doing them in 4 weeks.

Exercise is the most important factor I'm missing in my regime, so have to get on it.

I Will Vs. I Am

Weigh in this week was 333.6, we, but I know why I accept it, acknowledge it, and know this week I will be back on the right track. I've been saying I will lose weight for so long that my mind is still playing catch up to the fact I actually am losing weight. So I know what the healthier options are and I know what it takes, I've got to stop slipping back into my old ways and get the scale moving back in the right direction again.

That's about all for now, have a great Sunday!
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pamper Day Results!

Hair and Brows

Blue Outfit 2X Dereon Tee and Sz.24 Pants!

Pink Outfit and Sz. 22 Pants I just realized when I tried them on again at home.

I have two more outfits as well I'll get around to taking those pics later.

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Ok, sorry about the title, in case you can't tell I am hella excited. I posted earlier about going to do a little pampering today and I must say, right now I have my hair laid and my confidence is soaring. :) A little while ago I posted some pics of my favorite pair of black pants. for months now these have been my go to pants for everything, mainly because they fit and they always say black goes with everything, though I think I've stretched that theory to the max. After leaving the salon I was feeling cute :) so I decided my next stop would be Burkes, which in case you don't have one in your area its a discount clothing store. Love it!!! I didn't want to spend a lot of money but I definitely needed new pants,so I started browsing in the plus size section and found about 5 nice shirts all in a 1-2x, (my normal size is a 3x) and moved onto the pants.

The one thing I don't like about this store is sometimes it can be a chore to sort out clothes into their proper size ranges, they happen to love just shoving clothes on the racks so a lot of the time you have to peek at the label to know exactly what you're getting. My normal size and starting size is a or rather was a tight 28, maybe 30 depending on how they cut the pants. I browsed through the racks of 20s,22s, 24s, and 26s looking for my size and they didn't have any. Not about to let my day be spoiled I started pulling some pants from the rack and help them up against me and low and behold, a pair of 24s seemed like they would be ok.

*Breath held* I haven't been smaller than a 26 in over 5 years, sad but true. I did one thing I normally don't do, I went to the dressing room arms full of clothes and actually tried them on. I had grabbed 3 pairs of size 24 and mistakenly got one 22, and all of my shirts. Now I know I sounded like a fool in the fitting room but I don't care:

THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did I mention : THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.:D

I have four new outfits, tops and bottoms for $71.60, I am beyond overjoyed. This way overshadows the little gain I saw on the scale. Its amazing to me how far I've come in the past two and a half months and I know only good things are ahead for me. I bought the 24s but hopefully in a month or so I can go back for the 22. I almost cried today, again sad but true, I am just so overjoyed.For the first time in a long time I feel great about myself,my body and what I am capable of. I actually want to buy a full length mirror to put up in my bedroom and I have never had one, but I want to see all the changes I'm making as my body is getting into shape, this is only the beginning. :) Just had to share, have a great one people and I'll try to get pics posted later.

Treating Myself!

Well my weight went up a 1.5 lbs this week and honestly strange as it seems I believe its due to not eating enough and working out on it. The body is a strange and wondrous creation, don't give it enough and it will hold on to everything it can, so lesson learned, one meal a day is not going to get me through.

Moving on, this week I get to celebrate my 35lb. (well I guess 33.5 lb loss) this week and doing a little mini pampering, celebrating my NSVs, such as my face looking smaller, all of my pants being too big, and my silhouette is looking positively slimmer.

So to treat myself I will be going to the salon today for some new hair, a manicure, eyebrows waxed, and pedi, followed by a few new shirts and a new pair of shoes. I'm still a bit hesitant to buy pants will probably wait a few more weeks on that when my body settles into a size. Will be posting pics later, so stay lovely people!
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Getting Fit w/ Jillian

Lately I've been dragging my feet about coming up with a solid exercise program, I'll do random bursts here and there mostly walking or dancing workouts but nothing consistent. I know I do better with challenges and having a end date in mind, though I know the lifestyle change is never-ending.

Jillian Michaels has a book "Winning By Losing" that I read last year, it has a solid 12 week program outlined for workouts day by day and her eating plan fits into what I'm already doing and cutting down on carbs, so I'm going to give it a try.

My 12 Week Goals:

Starting at: 325
12WkGoal: 280 or lower hopefully

Increase cardio time.

*Complete 25 Men's Pushups
*Complete 1 min Wall Sit
*Increase strength and flexibilty
*Conquer 15 min. Mile walk/jog.

*Lose 6" from waist.
*Fit Into size 20 Comfortably.

I have three months to rock this and hopefully when we go on our Valentine's Day trip I'll be shopping in a whole new size bracket.

WeighIns will be on Sundays and Fridays(to make sure I stay focused over the weekend)
Measurements once a month.
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Pigout

Ok, so this weekend sucked when it came to eating on track, I didn't go over cals, but went way over carbs and my body is thanking me in the worst way. Have you ever had a carb hangover, it is truly a pain. I have a headache, feel achy, and my tummy is making a very weird set of noises. To top it off its a rainy day so my evening walk is off, gotta find an inside walk today or maybe a fun dance workout. I learned I'm not at the point yet that I can allow myself the cheat meals and still be able to lose or not go overboard. Oh well back on track today. You live, learn, keep losing.

Stay lovely people!
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kitchen Beautician Pt. 1

I've been struggling with the decision of whether or not I wanted to go natural. Honestly though I can see the benefits of natural hair for me relaxed hair just works better. Beyond that a BC is definitely out of the question and I honestly don't believe I have the patience to long term transition.

Since I can't go natural with my hair I am going to try an all natural approach to my hair products.My hair does best when its simple, and its just a pain to search through all the products and figure out what doesn't have mineral oils, petrolatum, sulfates, and all the other whatnots thats bad for my hair and skin. So I'll be adding blogs that use natural ingredients and more than likely will be homemade.

:) Losing weight is making me want to get all parts of me to its best.

Avocado-Banana Facial/Hair Mask

Avocados are a hair growth stimulant, chockful of vitamins that are easily absorbed into the hair. Bananas are the same.Eggs make a great protein treatment, and coconut milk doubles as a protein as well.

In my mask I used:

1/2 Kiwi
1/2 Avocado
1 Banana
Few squeezes of honey.
Few squeezes of castor oil.
Small amount of cinnamon.
1 Egg
1/4 cup Coconut milk

Mix all ingredients together in blender and blend to a thick consistency.

Apply to face and hair. Leave on for 20 mins. Rinse off.

Tada! Clean, smoother skin and lovely hair, even though I look like a green monster waiting the benefits are worth it.

Definitely trying this again and the above recipe is enough for two applications, so refrigerate the remaining portion.

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11/14- 11/20 Check In

Hello Listas!! This weeks check in is a progress update, we have been on the challenge for two months now and we all want to see how two months of consistent hair care is going, so go back and grab your starting pic, take a pic for this week and post here for comparison. :)

I was feeling a little down about my progress so far, so I did a pic check and even though I haven't gotten the growth I wanted so far, I've seen other changes.

*Less Breakage
*Softer hair
*Retaining Moisture
*Better protective styles
*Better at self styling.
*No More tangled hair!!

I've also finally found my staple products, FINALLY, after massive trial and error.

Moisturizer: Palmers Strong Roots Spray, Coconut and peppermint oil mix as well as Fantasia IC Instant Tea Moisturizer.
Growth Aide: Castor 3x a week every other day and massage in.
Wash Regime:
Wash once a week with a light protein treatment
DC twice a week with heat

I figured out one very important thing when it comes to my hair.
* Less is more for my hair.
* I'm heavy handed :) so I end up using way too much product and that why I hadn't been able to acheive the results I wanted.

And my pics:

Where I started:
And this week:

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Boring Saturday...

Had a pretty good week and got some much needed rest today. Had time to read back over the Atkins book and found a few tips on how to cut out some of the fat and up my veggie intake. I'm going to stick with this for now, I promised myself I wouldn't keep progran hopping and I intend on keeping that promise. My next goal is my next 10%, which will be 32 lbs. Would love to hit it by January but as long as I'm steadily progressing, I'm ready for a long journey.

Hope everyone has/had a great weekend!
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Mini Hair Haul/Product Review

I've heard so many great things about coconut and peppermint oil and I'm itching to try some, but its a bit hard to find some around here. Browsing through WalMarts "ethnic" hair section as always :) and I stumbled upon a few new items.

Palmer's Coconut Oil Spray
Price: $4.27
It says:
Invigorate and freshen your hair and scalp with Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots Spray. Formulated with a blend of Pure Coconut oil for strength and shine, Eucalyptus extract to soothe tightness or itch and Pure Peppermint to stimulate circulation. The refreshing and exotic coconut-mint fragrance keeps hair smelling terrific.

Perfect For:
Hair that is prone to dryness or breakage
Tightness and Itch relief from styling
Refreshing hair in between shampoos
Human and Synthetic hair

My Views:
*Firstly I love light oil sprays, and this one is very lightweight and leaves hair feeling moisturized without feeling weighed down or drippy.

*Great Way to add to add coconut and peppermint oil to your regime.

* Can be used daily as a moisturizer.

* Helps with breakage and its made my hair softer.

*Smells Better than tea tree oil for helping with itchiness.

* Comes in a lovely spray bottle which makes application to scalp super easy.

*Absorbs Very quickly hair doesn't feel greasy or oily after.

* There is a slight smell, but its not horrible, kinda a minty coconut and it fades soon, so not that bad.

Overall so far I'm loving it will continue using it in my daily regime as a moisturizer

Smooth 'n Shine Therapy 60 second Critical Repair
Price: $1.27
It says:
Smooth 'N Shine Therapy - Silk Fusion Sixty-Second Critical Repair 1.7 oz.

Smooth 'N Shine Therapy - Silk Fusion Sixty-Second Critical Repair will moisturize, repair, and protect damaged hair.

Perfect for:
Damage control, stopping breakage

* Made with water, coconut oil, silk amino acids, glycerin, and biotin, all wonderful things for your hair.

* Works quickly.

* Light protein treatment.

* Good sub for Aphogee if you find the products too strong for your hair.

*Cheap! :)

*Doesn't Dry hair out in the least, but should still follow with a dc.


* The only con is really a matter of personal choice, due to the pearl extracts it will leave light flecks in your hair, but personally I like them :).

Dr. Miracles Tingling Conditioning Treatment
Price: $1.74

Normally I'm not a huge fan of the Dr. Miracle line, have tried many of his products and didn't get the results promised or remotely close. The one thing I have liked in this line is the Tingling Conditioning.

* Tingles, but its very effective.

*Quick Conditioning that can be used with or without heat.


* Does contain mineral oil and petrolatum.

Basically a good conditioner works about the same as any other with the added benefit of tingles.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Progress Update

Pink Beginning of my journey
Red, 35 lbs. Later
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10% Down, TGIF

I'll be honest I didn't expect to get this far, I believed I had everything it took to reach my goals. Then again, I've had it all along so what makes this different?

It could be my upcoming wedding, it could be my family, maybe my hubby to be finally said the right motivating words, maybe I was afraid of the health related problems that come from obesity,or maybe just maybe I realized that life is too short and there's no need of me shortening it any further by something I can control.

Whatever it is I'm glad it finally kicked in. 10%, a whole 35lbs. Gone. I still have a ways to go, but I know this time I'll make it, I haven't been in the 320 range in over a year and to be nearly out of it is nothing short of amazing to me. I know if I stay on course hitting 299 or even lower by New Years is possible, because I will make it happen. Not going to get caught in the holiday trap this year, after all its only THREE days, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. I'll celebrate ON those days but all the parties and gatherings in between, its up to me to make the right decisions.

My diet is being modified (Yes, again) low carb is what works for me and I love it. No headaches, no crankiness, and its giving me the results I need to stay with it, and though I know my loss will slow, I'm taking everything my body wants to drop now. Atkins though great is a bit too strict and honestly I'm eating way to much fat just because its allowed, so South Beach is a healthier option so I can be sure to get in enough variety and vegetables. Lol yes I want my veggies.

So I'll still track but add in some of the SoBe healthier foods like beans, more veggies,soymilk, and a leaner variety of meat. Also my workouts are stepping up so I need a few more carbs to be able to function.

Thats all for now, have a grrrrrreat! Friday.
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

How Far I've Come... From 362 to now

I started my journey a little over two months ago on my 25th birthday, Aug. 27. My beginning weight was 362. I started taking scale shots at 350ish:

And here I am today:


Wow, I'm amazed this is the longest time I've stuck with a diet or exercise program and I am so proud of myself. :)

What Losing My First 30 Pounds Has Taught Me:

*1. This is not an overnight thing, it takes time, patience, hard work and some days pain and tears.

*2. To some extent all diets work, it all comes down to cals in and cals out.

*3. Cardio is not going to kill me, lol no matter how fast my heart is beating eventually I'll get used to this and can go longer and harder.

*4. Tracking works better if I am completely honest, if I don't document everything who am I hurting but myself.

*5. Back to 2. While all diets do work, for me a version of low carbbing works the best for me.

*6. One cheat day is not going to screw up my results, making this work is not about being perfect everyday, its the quality of all those days that determines my success.

*7. I can do this!!! Its not a race, no clock is ticking, its a proccess and I am doing it.My goals all of them will come to pass in due time.

*8. I would rather have a small amount of a unhealthy food that I crave, than have unlimited amount of a watered down, no fat version.

*9. :) That this is just the beginning I have a lot ahead of me but I will get there. Can't wait for the next 30!

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weight Update

Firstly my hair is doing awesome since my last check, and my texture is becoming so much easier to manage. I've found the right combination of moisturizers and good regime. Figured out that my hair needed protein, so I do a light treatment with my first wash of the week, and started adding honey and castor oil to my DC's. My hair is loving it and I haven't had a dry day this week.

New Must Have Products:
Shea Butter Chlolesterol
Organic Honey
Palmers Coconut DC Treatment

Anywho on to my weight update, I'm down 34 lbs and honestly I'm amazed at myself, its something I've always wanted to do have been trying for years now but finally something clicked and its been going great.

Since being able to wear some of my clothes that have been in my closet forever, I'm adding a pic of my favorite pair of black pants, which I now need to retire, they are definitely too big now :)

Stay healthy people!

Two months ago these pants were leaving marks in my skin from being too tight :)
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Weigh In

Ok so I'm curious as always and stepped on the scale again today. Normally I don't weigh every day but again I was curious. It said 328.8 yesterday and I didn't want to claim it, after breakfast today I tried again and its saying pretty much the same thing, 329.0 so I'm claiming it!!!

I'm out of the 330's :) * Happy Dance* I'm seeing a 2 in my very near future, and I'm seriously looking forward to Sundays weigh in, I'll probably check in the days in between, but won't log until Sunday.

Have a great one people!

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So I'm Thinking About Cutting My Hair

About a month or so ago I had a little incident cutting out a sew in and manage to cut one section of my hair about 4" shorter than my overall hair.

Lesson learned sawing motions and hair are never a good fit and if you can't see it chances are you shouldn't be putting sharp instruments anywhere near. My hair is generally healthy and being as it is just hair, if I cut it, it will grow back. I love Monica's style long on one side and short on the other and that's why I have in mind or an overall short bob. If I tried Monica's style it would look something like:

I actually like it, but my hubby to be would have a fit, deciding, debating, we shall see, after all it is just hair, let me know what you think.
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Shopping In My Closet

I thought about what you all said about holding onto clothes that are too big and I think after I drop one to two more sizes I'll be starting a swap with my clothes. Right now I have about another size to go to start shopping and I know I will lose it and definitely don't want to keep holding on to my bigger sizes. That way I know if I gain weight I don't have any clothes to fit a bigger me.

After my sweater got its freedom papers yesterday I decided to try on a few more of my outfits to see what may fits and what needs more work. I found another sweater to wear to work today:

And yes I'm grinning like a fool, but I'm very happy.:)

I was right all along, I don't need more clothes I need less me lol. There are still about three more shirts waiting for their freedom and I'm thinking if I step up my exercise and stick to Atkins I should be rocking at least one of them for Thanksgiving, and staying on track I hope to liberate my black pant and checkered top for Christmas. We shall see, I've got about 6 weeks to make it work and I know I can do this!
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Scale Tease

Well I couldn't resist stepping on today and the screen flashed 328.8, not officially counting that yet since my next official weigh in day is not until Sunday. The bright side though I will be doing everything in my power for the remainder of the week to make sure that the number sticks when Sunday comes.

Atkins isn't so bad, I've done low carb before and I know the hardest part is normally the first 3 days when my body adjusts to eating so few carbs, so I'm holding steady. Glad I took last week to wean off to avoid the headaches and irritiability that normally come with this. Getting water in is the biggest part for me now, I had 96 oz. Yesterday and at least 64 is my daily goal.

Exercise is still a struggle, besides walking which is boring! Not much cardio. For strength I am committed to doing at least 3 kettlebell workouts a week since they are a full body workout. But I need cardio ideas, I love to dance so thats one, beyond that I'm at a loss.

Just a quick check, Happy Tuesday people.!
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Blue Sweater Freed!!!

I almost cried this morning getting ready for work, the temperature has dropped a lot recently and my fall/winter wardrobe is still behind. Honestly I wear basically the same things year round so the weather changing doesn't normally mean much.

The reason for the tears? I have this lovely blue sweater that I bought last year in preperation for one of my many weight loss efforts. It's a 2x and at the time I was busting out of a 3x so I figured small goals and I'd wear it soon. Needless to say days turned into weeks,weeks into months, and the poor sweater hung in my closet collecting dust . I'd try it every few months but I could barely breathe in it, so eventually it went into my goal clothes section and I honestly thought it would stay there unworn.

Not that I don't believe in myself, *shrug* thats just the way it feels sometimes.

Anyways I've had great success with the scale these past two months and I've lost just shy of 30 lbs. Overall, but the problem is getting my mind and what I see catch up to what the scale shows. My clothes feel looser my favorite two pairs of work pants look awful because they've gotten so loose but still I hold on to them. Why? Not sure but I'm working on it.

Back to the sweater, there it hung this morning in all its warm glory. I tried it on expecting a fight but it slid right down and settled into the right places. My waist has gotten smaller, sadly my boobs to but oh well, my stomach is not pushing out as much and making this look terrible.

I feel good, I think it looks good, and most importantly finally I see the progress I'm making.

What a way to start my Atkins phase, I know I can do this because I AM doing this.

Have a lovely day people!
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

November Pics

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Weigh In Drum Roll Please....

Good morning to everyone in Blogland!! Weighed in this morning and got a pleasant surprise...331.2, I stepped on and off about 20 times just to make sure it was right and finally took a pic just to prove it to myself. Wow, that's about 8 lbs since my doc visit.

I went back over my food journals this past week to find out exactly what I did, my cals and carbs had been a bit low. I was a bit down after my check up and thankfully for once instead of making my appetite go into overdrive when I'm sad, it actually went down to nonexistent. Since getting the go ahead on Atkins I started to wean off carbs so my body wouldn't have as great of a shock, looks like its working. I'll officially be on Induction starting tomorrow and I feel very ready.

If I can do this in a few days time, I believe I can be out of the 3's by the new year and that would be amazing. That will be a 31 lb. Goal over two months and I've seen it done, I'm ready to count myself among the successful.

Its funny, on Friday I was watching Fit Tv and they were showing an old episode of National Body Challenge and the woman who was featured was opting for gastric bypass surgery. Of course that piqued my interest since it was recommended to me, she was 33,had two kids and had been struggling with her weight her whole life. She lived with her two sisters who both were also obese but had accepted there bodies as they were and felt fine about themselves. But for Lisa (I think that's her name) her weight ruled her life. She didn't feel good about herself, she excluded herself from social activities, she lived in sweatpants and no makeup. She was always doing for everyone and never for herself.She tried every diet out there, exercised excessively and was stuck at 255. Gastric became her only option, it was amazing I watched her go through adapting to seeing herself in a new way, getting her mind to connect with a smaller body, and accept that she was becoming thinner. The amazing part is she lost about 80 lbs. In 17 weeks.

Wow, not gonna lie I seriously considered gastric but I've already had success doing this the long way. Also I know behind my eating there are more emotional reasons and honestly on my part laziness, I have a hard time finding a workout plan I can stick to.

On the flip side, this morning I caught Real Women Have Curves on HBO, pretty decent movie, definitely shows appreciation for a womanly figure. Also made me think, I want to find myself at the end of this journey, not necessarily thin, but slimmer than I am now. I want my numbers to improve and mostly I want to be comfortable with who I am. I know no number or size will define that for me, but I want to be in a healthier catergory.

Anyways enough rambling just wanted to update my weight and I have a challenge going with my boo to motivate me for the end of the year, I'll detail that in my next post.

Live, Lose, Learn, Love
Be Blessed People!
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Relaxer Success, Finally! I love ORS!!!!

Finally a success with relaxer!! I love the ORS system, and for my hair I need a Super lol, oh well at least I know now. For future reference I think that what's working best for my hair if I stretch my relaxers to just 10 to 12 weeks, any longer causes major breakage and makes my perms harder to take.

Also the suggestion to practice with deep conditioner is a great idea, you'll figure out just how to apply the relaxer and you'll also get better conditioned hair.

My steps:
3 Days Before:
Deep condition and protein treat with Palmer's.
Avoid scratching hair though it seems in the week coming up to the relaxer my head gets a serious case of itchiness.

Day Of:
Apply castor oil to already relaxer ends.
Base hair with African Pride Grease around neck, hairline, and ears.

Relaxer Time!
Before my relaxer:

It had started to get kinda nappy :)

Relaxer Steps:
*1* Mixed relaxer and activator two mins, no lumps or bumps.
*2* Applied relaxer beginning with crown area, took 12 mins to apply.
*3* Set timer for 18 mins and began smoothing with back or rattail comb and fingertips
*4* Rinsed hair under warm water for about 5 mins.
*5* Applied Isoplus Neutralizing shampoo, rinsed out 3x.
*6* Applied Creamy Aloe Neutralizing Shampoo and let sit 10 mins, rinsed out.
*7* Mixed ORS Deep Conditioning Pack and Shea Butter Chlolesterol, put under shower cap and applied heat for 15 mins, rinsed out.
*8*Rinsed Hair with ACV and honey, let set 15 mins then rinsed again. (1/4 Cup ACV, 2 cups Water, small amount of honey)
*9* Used the ORS Hair Lotion and Fantasia IC as a moisturizer and a few drops of Argan Oil.
*10* Greased scalp with African Pride grease and Hollywood Castor Oil.
*11* Blow dried about 5 mins with paddle brush until halfway dry.
*12* Wrapped and tied down to air dry overnight.

My results:
Overall I think that it came out overall much better than I expected, I'll probably do a protein treatment with my next cowash. I still think I'm at SL, but decided I needed another inch or so before I can claim it fully.
Have to step up my castor oil challenge and moisture regimen.

Happy Growing Listas!!

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