Thursday, October 28, 2010

Product Review

Searching for a moisture product for my 4c hair and I've been trying some new treatments.

Doo Gro Line
Although their oil doesn't do much for my hair these two make a great conditioning treatment.One is for thickening(blue pack) and the other(green pack) is for Extreme reconstructor, they both feel the same though and for $1.50 a pack not bad for a trial size.

Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning:
I love Argan oil products!!!! If you're looking for a good cowash or deep conditioning treatment this is it. My hair had great slip after, very easy to detangle, smells wonderful and when it dries, the hair still feels moisturized and full of body.Only $1.50 for a trial pack.

This is also a wonderful line, its a heavy hitter when it comes to moisture, prefer it for a deep condition with heat instead of a cowash though.$1.99 at Sallys.

Castor and Argan oil are my staple oils but I have been experimenting with different ones just for variety.

African Pride Herbal Oil:
Cost effective oil, only about $3 at WalMart and can be used for other things besides hair, such as body as a moisturizer or as a nail oil. Also is a great setting oil for bantu knots, without leaving hair greasy or weighed down.

Hot Six Oil:
Love this oil as well also versatile and just as cheap, mixed with the African Pride is great as a steaming oil, or just for general shine.

Profectiv Growth Renew:
I'm glad this bottle is mostly gone, doesn't work well for my hair. Its a light weight oil and doesn't seem to penetrate my hair, just lays on top, gives shine but no moisture. Also has a faint smell thats noticeable, not necessarily medicinal almost like a lighter version of a Dr. M product, and thats not cute. Also for the price of $7, I could have gotten two bottles of castor oil. Only plus is the box comes with a spray applicator as well as an extra tip applicator, so thankfully I can reuse the bottle once its gone.

Not pictured still to try:

Palmers Coconut Oil DC Protein Pack

Will review it when I try it out.

My staple products will still be honey, Aussie 3 min, and castor oil.

Happy Hair Growing!
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  1. I want to try the argan soon. After I take my braids out I think I'm going to be moving to Hair One as my shampoo of choice. My hair sucks in and craves moisture!