Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Made It Through My First Week!

Still on cloud 9 from this mornings weigh in and I keep playing with my natural hair(one of my braids has come undone and just that little glimpse of length is hypnotizing) The more I play with it the more I want to go ahead and take all of them down, relax, and do a real length check, but Ima resist the temptation, this ten week stretch is getting on my nerves, real talk, but I know its in my hairs best interest, so Ima behave and keep it tucked away.

Hmmm, wrapping up Day 5, first off I have no idea what happened with my steps today, first I forgot to put on my pedometer and just remembered to grab it headed to work, and just checked my numbers and I didn't even break 2000. Kinda bummed, especially after yesterdays highs, but there's always another day.

Today I ate:
Peach Oatmeal, made with Soymilk
2 Hardboiled Eggs
1 Bag Cinnamon Apple Chips
1 Strawberry Banana Yogurt
2 cups of Grapes
Brown Rice Veggie Soup(Both lunch and dinner)
Sweet Potato w/Splenda, ICBINB, and Cinnamon

56 oz. Water
1,783 steps ( I know so sad, but I'm working on it)

Other than that, pretty average day could have been better, but it could have been worse.

Detox ends in a few days, and I will be so happy to add some meat back into my diet. This week has taught me that if I can cut down this far on my food choices and actually move my behind, there's no reason I can't make any diet I choose work or even better yet, I can make healthy lifestyle changes. :)

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