Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wrap Up Day 4

Not a bad day at all, just finished a nice dance workout and after the soreness subsides and I get my breath back I'm feeling amazing. The further I'm getting into this journey the better I feel and the more the right choices seem to be easier to make.

Ending today at:
5133 steps which is 2.42 miles, Yay me that is my current personal best and I will be pushing farther tomorrow.
Also got in a 20 minute cardio workout. :)

Today's Food:
1 HB Egg
Cherry Tomatoes and Mini Babybel
Veggie Mix with ICINB
Triple Berry Yoplait Yogurt
1 HB Egg
1 Apple
1 100 cal bag of Apple Chips*
1/2 Blackberry Yoplait Yogurt
1 Apple Yogurt Dipper
1 Strawberry YoCrunch
Big Bowl of "Chicken Corn Chowder"
Made w/ Brown Rice, Veggie Mix, ICBINB, and about 2 tsp. Of Condensed Chicken Soup

72 oz. H2O
20 oz. Diet Green Tea

I need to start tracking through the day instead of trying to remember everything when I blog.
But today I discovered Apple Chips, and they are DELICIOUS, plus on sale 2 for $1, so I will be hitting the grocery store to stock up tomorrow before they run out.

Today was pretty good, I was the most active that I've been in months, I need to weigh in tomorrow for the 15 in 15 challenge, and I hope I've held on to the 2lb. Loss from Wednesday. Kinda excited about that.


Hairlista has finally posted the last castor oil challenge of the year, and it begins on the 16th and I can't wait.
It's from 10.16.2010 to 12.31.2010. I found out I've reached grazing SL, so I know with the challenge being able to claim full SL, should be a cinch, I plan on stretching my perm until then to relax for the new year or maybe Christmas.

Finally, after stalking WalMart they have stocked this month's issue of Essence and I am in love with it.It covers two of my favorite topics, natural hair care and hair care in general and curvy girl fitness, can't wait to relax and read it.

Think I'll be hitting the Android market and look for some personal trainer apps, though I'm already in love with Cardio Trainer.

That's it for day 4, need to do my pedi if I'm weighing in tomorrow. :)
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