Monday, October 11, 2010

People Think You're Crazy When You change What You Eat...

Well today is my first day on Fat Smash and so far its going pretty well, I've only had mostly veggies this morning and yogurt as you can see from the above pic it looks a little strange, but I honestly didn't expect so many comments from my coworkers.

Sad, what would you rather see me with chips and cookies or tomatoes and peas? Its a personal choice and not sure why so many chose to weigh in on what I put into my own body but to each his own and I'm doing this for me not then so guess who's opinion wins? Lol, me baby. So thanks but your approval not needed or required.
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  1. Keep on tuning any and all comments about your diet out. You are doing this for you and other people's opinions really don't matter. I told my boss today that when I say no during the holidays not to encourage me to have a little bit of anything because I cannot do "just a little bit".

    Read your labels and watch your sugar. Fat gets such a bad rap but if I have learned anything in this weight loss endeavor it is that sugar does far more damage than fat.