Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hair Rant, Leave My Head Alone

So I'm at work today minding my own, really not wanting to be here today and sleepy. Last night I moisturized my hair, oiled my scalp with castor oil, did a scalp massage, and wrapped my hair. Undid it this morning brushed out and thought I was set, its casual day at work and my hair fell fine this morning. Since hitting SL, I've gotten better at wraps and keeping hair flat, been consistent with castor oil so my hair is thickening nicely. Or so I thought.

I'm sitting at my desk minding my own, and the girl behind me asked what kind of perm I used. Now everyone at work knows that the last perm I used didn't take well.
After I told her the brand she said
"Oh well don't use that no more, it chewed all your ends up, you want me to cut a few inches off for you?" Wow, wtf! First off my ends look fine, I didn't even get any perm on that and second Who are you to offer hair advice, when your own is barely ear length, not healthy in the least and you in a glued weave 24/7 and the glue has left you with two bald spots and no edges.

I'm really starting to get pissed off, since I started taking care of my hair all the and I hate to say this but its how I'm feeling "bald-headed scallywags" are offering me unneeded and unwarranted hair advice. Half the time the ish they advise has nothing to do with my hair and definitely of no benefit. The only issue I see with my hair is its longer on one side and eventually I will get that cut even when it grows out more. Its a process and it will take time.

But in the meantime I am sick to death of everyone telling me what to do to my own damn hair or recommending unneeeded chemical processes or to hack at my hair.

Maybe I'm overreacting but these are my most current pics, and I think its improving, but I leave it to my hair sisters to be honest. What does it look like I need to improve?????
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  1. I think it looks nice and it is a process that takes time. I just got my ends trimmed today after not cutting anything since August last year. I'm in the process of growing my hair at the honey's request but I don't wear weaves or braids. I can't leave a weave in longer than two weeks so I don't even bother lol! Your hair..your way! Don't pay attention to anyone else!