Thursday, April 28, 2011

6 Months Completed!!!! Transitioning Files Week 25

Well it's been a struggle to say the least.I truly didn't think I'd make it, and there were often times I thought to just forget it, relax and call it a done deal. Thankfully I didn't!!!

My natural texture is definitely coming through, and it looks like I'm a 4a/b, kinky, curly and I love it! Stretched I'm right at SL and I hope that the next 6 months brings me to FSL.

I'm in the challenge group 3+Inches in 7 weeks with OhValerieMonCherie's potion mix. I looked up the ingredients in the mix and all have growth enhancing capabilities so while I don't really expect to grow 3+ inches in that short of time I'll definitely take 1 to 1 1/2, but the more the merrier. :)

Only changes to my regimen are adding in more GHE, I've started doing in under my wigs daily. The potion will be added nightly and a massage for bed. Other than no heat pretty much everything else remains the same.

Next length check at the end of the challenge!

Happy growing!
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mind Over Matter or Rather Over Stomach

One thing I've noticed on my journey whether it be weight loss attempts, saving money or anything else is that it often comes down to mind over desire. Often when I'm on a diet I'm not physically hungry but my mental want outweighs what I physically need.I've let it be the destruction of an otherwise healthy day, so my biggest obstacle in this journey is going to be my wants and desires. Mind Over Me. That's what I'm focusing on.
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

*Fear/Becoming NaturallyPlusSyze*

Recently, I had a what I like to call a "Come To Jesus" meeting, with my star player(me) and had to come clean about a few things.

Firstly I wanted to thank all 47 of my blog followers, I honestly never though anyone would be interested in anything I had to say or would care enough to follow my journey. I do appreciate all the support that I get from you all and I hope in the coming year to increase that number, but I have a confession to make, I haven't been giving this journey the attention or effort that it deserves, since I started this blog last October I have accomplished very few of the goals that I started off with and I really feel like I've let myself and you all down.

If you browse back through my blog, you will see countless starts, restarts, failures and new beginnings to all end back up where I am currently, yet again trying again to make a new beginning.

My financial goal, physical, hair growth, and spiritual goals have all been slowly fading away and occasionally I get the bug to go hard for a few days to only fizzle out a few days or if I'm lucky in some cases a few weeks later.

I am a habitual yo yo dieter and I am so behind on where I wanted to be that my goals have all fallen to the back burner. :(

The future husband graduates in about three weeks and I am still working on the same goals I set when we met four years ago. I can only sum up what that feels like to have been twiddling my thumbs for the last 4 years while he has actually went out and made his goals happen and i still feel like I'm at point one.

*Btw, yes after only 12 days into my 100 day challenge I have given up, very sad but it seems to be following suit. So short of having my jaw wired shut I have to find something that will work long term and I hate to admit it but the only thing my body responds to is a HEALTHY low carb diet, emphasis on the healthy part, not my eat only meat until I waste away attempt. *

So what did I type all of that out to say?

I'm sick of my own BS and of my fear of succeeding, I am beyond frustrated with what seems to me content with being mediocre and subpar, I can and will do better or I may as well sign myself up for a life of being fat, unhappy, nappy headed and broke, all alone. Because it seriously comes down to if I can't be happy with myself and with my current state I'm not I definitely can't be happy with or make someone else happy that's really all there is to it.

So what does she plan to do this time you may wonder....

Simple, I am going to set goals for myself and give myself a timeline to complete them, and I'm going to be accountable for what I am and what I'm not doing, and I'm asking you all reading this to hold me to it and please call me on my BS if you see me slipping.

April 24,2011- August 27, 2011

Becoming Naturally Plus Size

Weight Goals:

Start: 346.2
Goal: 294.0 (3 Lbs. a week)

Get in the habit of working out six days a week
3 Cardio
3 Strength

Starting with 30 mins and building my way up from there

Start Size: 26/28 W
Goal: 18/20 W

Hair Goals

I"m officially 6 months post today and I will transition for another 12 months so next year this time I will be cutting off any remaining relaxed ends.


I will be using protective braid styles or wigs for the next year.
Maintaining a daily moisture schedule, protect my hair at all times, and I am trying to go heat free for the next year though I know I will be most likely flat ironing for my birthday in August.

For now that's all once I get these two well on the way I may add others.

Be Blessed.
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

PMITM: 65 Days Until Summer Challenge Entry Video

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Day 10/ 100 in 100 Challenge

Ok, so the past few days have been stress city and I've found it hard to maintain the motivation to both eat on track and exercise, but I haven't given up.

I didn't weigh in this morning and don't intend to again until day 20. I know I've had way too many salty foods, but I've stayed relatively low carb so yay for me.

I know this challenge is called the 100lbs in 100 days but I never really thought I'd lose that much.I did want to prove to myself that I could make a decent dent in my weight loss and to actually remain on track for a significant amount of time.

The main purpose of the challenge is to prove to myself that I can be accountable which so far is going quite well :)

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*100 Day Hair Challenge*

Join in and grow that hair, anyone on youtube feel free to respond to my video. Let's grow that hair!

April 24th through August 1st, 2011.
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Monday, April 18, 2011

What Products I Use:

Ok for week 3 of LHA, lets get into our regimens.

I've tried to cut back on using too many products since less is more for my hair but still manage to have a tableful :)



I only have one that I use once a week and that's Aphogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair.


I think I have the most of this product:

Argan Intense Moisturizing Treatment
Cream of Nature Argan Moisturizer
Loreal Intense Moisturizer
VO5 Conditioner
Motions CPR Treatment Conditioner
Henna and Placenta Conditioner
Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer


Strong Roots Pimento Oil
Coconut Oil

Growth Aides:

Castor Oil
Peppermint Oil
Dr. Miracles Follicle Healer

Hair,Skin,Nails Vitamin
Omega 3 Vitamins
Multi Vitamin


Cowash as often as possible.

Once a week:
Aphogee Damage shampoo
Aphoge Balancing Moisturizer
Argan Oil and Castor Oil DC with shower cap for an hour.
Air Dry with Motions Leave In or Aphogee Green Tea

Moisturize and seal twice daily
Massage Scalp

GHE one to two times a week


I make sure to drink at a min 2 liters of water and exercise 30 mins for scalp circulation. Well thats mine what's yours?
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

100 Lb. Challenge Days 1 -5

So far,so good, I began the challenge on Monday, April 11, 2011 I started at 345.0, and weighed in today at 340.2, so not bad and right on track thats almost a pound a day and I didn't actually exercise last week so that will definitely be added to plan on Monday.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jamaican Mango and Lime Transition to Natural Product Review

What: Jamaican Mango and Lime Transition to Natural No More Relaxer Daily New Growth Creme
(Goooooodnight lol that is a super long name)
Where: Sally's Beauty Supply
Use: Moisturize New Growth and maintain moisture in hair overall
Application: Massage daily into new growth to keep hair tangle fee and healthy
Cost: $6.99 Regular $6.49 with Beauty Supply Card


LOVE IT!!!!!

My hair feels so soft and well moisturized.
Very lightweight creme, not oily and smell is amazing. Would double nicely as an after wash creme for detangling. The creme is solid making it easy to apply and control how much I actually put into my hair and doesn't leave my hands feeling icky. So far so so good, as far as I know this line is only a few months old but I will definitely be trying out more items as my transition progresses.
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*100 Lbs in 100 Days Challenge*


This challenge is not for the faint hearted and should not be done without a clean bill of health and consulting with your doctor. Any diet under 1000 calories should not be attempted without this.

Diet Plan:

Stillman's QWL:

Lean Meat (Chicken, Turkey, Beef)
Lean Seafood and Fish
Cottage Cheese
Low Carb Shakes (Atkins)
10 8 oz. Glasses of Water
One Multivitamin Daily

1st 33 Days:
30 Mins Twice a Day

2nd 33 Days:
45 Mins Twice a Day

Last 34 Days:
60 Mins Twice a Day

This is a very low calorie diet and has virtually no carbs , again I don't recommend this for the faint hearted or without a doctors knowledge or consent.

I will be doing daily weighins and posting my menu, I do thank all my readers for any suggestions but not necessarily opinions I have thought this through and intend on hitting as close to the 100 lb mark that I can. Just keep in mine many obese people have lost even more in a short amount of time and it can be done in a safe manner.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Transitioning and the Fiance, Not A Match

I happen to love the process of my hair journey especially the last six months where its been focused on becoming natural, the biggest kink (pun intended:)) is my fiance. He much prefers straight hair and keeps asking when I'm getting my next perm,though I've explained that I'm letting my hair grow natural. I've embraced the kinky coily texture but sadly he is definitely not happy.

My hair relaxed:

My transitioning hair:


I hate to be a divided household but I'm still transitioning for another 12 to 18 months and considering it is my head and hair :) I'll do as I like. He can like it or lump it.

Any tips or suggestions for getting him to understand would be greatly appreciated. :)
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Transition Files: Week 22

I need to start keeping better records of my transition since I've made a definite decision to complete this natural journey. The first 6 months haven't been the best I haven't been neglecting my hair but I could definitely do better and more consistent.

Regimen is pretty simple:

Focus on my diet because healthy inside is healthy outside.
So primarily lean protein including chicken, turkey and salmon at least once or twice a week for omega 3, eggs because they help with biotin absorption, and lots of healthy green veggies.
Loads of water for clear skin and healthy hair.

Vitamins and Supplements
1 MV a day, 1 dose Omega 3 vitamins, and 1 Aphogee/Hair, Skin Nail Vitamin.


I've learned less is more with my hair so


Aphogee Damaged Hair Shampoo
Aphogee 2 Min Reconstructor (7 weeks left of treatment)
Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer
Argan Oil Deep Condition with 20 drops of Peppermint Oil under shower cap for 2 hours.
Aphogee Green Tea Restructurizer and Motions CPR Leave In

Through the week I'm cowashing as often as possible. Maybe everyday but at a min every other, with working out I want to keep my scalp as clean as possible.

I have two currently
Loreal HydraMoisture and Motions CPR Treatment
Both with added PPO and left on 20 mins, rinse then leave in, seal with herbal oil or castor oil.
If hair dries before bed baggy overnight.

For some reason I don't like to baggy on wet hair.

The next 6 months are no heat to get my hair as healthy as possible, I planned to transition for 18 to 24 months but if my growth keeps up I may go ahead and do a mini chop after the next 6 months we will see :)

Finally have my hair texture figured out as well I think I'm a 4a :)

Grazing SL almost, wanted about 6 more inches before I did any major cutting but we will see.

Texture Shots:

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Transition Files: Week 21

Well nearly 6 months I am just 2 weeks shy of the 6 month point and lately I had been thinking about giving up on this but I like my little mini fro and learning more about my texture.

Overall still having a few issues with my edges but they are filling in nicely:)

What I've learned:

Limited heat is best for transitioning and natural hair. Lately the only heat I've used is in my DC's.

All hair whether it is natural, relaxed, or transitioning needs to stay moisturized. Cowashes are very useful for this. So I'll be adding more to my regime.

Since the line between natural and relaxed hair seems to the weakest and can be where hair is easiest to break I've started the Aphogee challenge to strengthen my hair overall since I am a long term transitioner.

For retaining length sadly it took me almost 4 and a half months to get breakage to stop I really hadn't seen as much growth as I would have liked I know where my mistakes have been and I can do much better going forward.

Goals for next 6 months:

*Cowash at least twice a week for moisture retention.
*Grow and retain 3 inches of natural growth, reach line 2 on my shirt unstretched.
*Continue with Aphogee for strength and Argan Oil for conditioning.
*Limit heat to just Dc's once a week.I will try to avoid heat for 6 months then do another length check.
* Keep my regime simple:

Wash with Aphogee Shampoo
2 Min Reconstructor (1st 8 weeks)
Balancing Moisturizer
Airdy with Green Tea Restructurizer and Argan Oil
Apply Growth Mix Oils


Aussie 3 Min. Miracle
Motions CPR
Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer
Palmers Coconut Conditioner

Added Oils:

Air Dry.

So we will see how it goes, also trying to avoid adding any more products to my regimen until I run out of these.

Happy Growing everyone!
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Committed to Change

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Monday, April 4, 2011

1st Aphogee Treatment and 1st Length Check on Tshirt

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Vlog: Video of Me Making My Length Check Shirt

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Making A Hair Length Shirt

Tools Needed:

Black Sharpie
Measuring Tape
Straightedge Ruler
Blank Tee
Cardboard or Tabletop

Step 1:
Flatten out tee and pin to cardboard

Step 2:
Pin Measuring tape length of tee down the middle.

Step 3:

Draw line down middle, I made mine 12" long though my goal is actually only about 6" or 7".

Step 4:

Start at 1/2" to 1" intervals depending on how often you check.

Finished product:

Tada! And only took me about 15 mins :) Including taking the time to take pics and a video.

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VLog: Weight Loss Update

*Update for Monday, actually weighed in 342.8 lbs since my video yesterday, still a long ways to go but every pound counts.*
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

***Product Haul/ApHogee***


I've heard many great things about the Aphogee product line but hadn't really been able to afford many items in it beyond the trial or single use sizes, but Sallys was having a sale this week where a lot of the Aphogee products were on sale 2 for $10 so I figured what better time to stock up.

I bought:

Aphogee Shampoo for Damaged hair, for $7.5.

Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer for $5

Aphogee Keratin Green Tea Restructizer for $5

And I also have the one use packs of the 2 Step Protein Treatment thats to be used every 6 weeks. As well as a 2 use pack of the Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor for once a week use for about 2.50 each.

Overall I also got two Argan oil deep conditioning packs and spent a total of about $25 not bad. :)

I've decided to do at least a 6 week mini challenge with the Aphogee products following Ateyaa's regimen from YouTube.

Once a week:
Shampoo with Aphogee Damaged Hair Shampoo
Follow with Aphogee 2 min Keratin Reconstructor
Then Balancing Moisturizer for 2 mins.
Deep condition with Argan Conditioning Treatment and Heat.
Spray Aphogee Green Tea Restructurizer and air dry.

Hopefully this will get my hair back on the right track and stop shedding and breakage before my next relaxer which is looking like it will be in August and I seriously hope to hit S
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