Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Personally, I Would Love This Body

We had a talk tonight at my WW meeting about ideal body images. It was amazing but it seems that the conversation came down to a black and white divide.
The picture above is what was used in this months issue of Essence for the body section. When I look at it all I see is a beautiful black woman with a nice shape and nice hair possibly weave but it looks nice on her, so who cares. Personally I would be happy with her body she looks to be a size 14/16 which is my goal size as well, so it gives me a mental image to goal for.

I'm not sure how other meetings are set up but my leader is the main reason I don't attend on a regular basis and would much rather track online or with the forums. When I started I set my goal at 199, which she continually complained about since for my height its still considered to be obese. Hmm I'm currently 336lbs,started WW at 361 and have been well over the 3 mark for almost 6 years and over 200 for as long as I can remember, I think to aim to get out of both of these ranges is a damn good thing. Its irritating because I was having such a good day and besides that I thought they are supposed to be there to support us not to make us feel bad about goals, but reach them. I think I'm doing great and that 199 would be a phenomenal accomplishment.

Her suggestion which she is short of force feeding is to goal for 135. Wtf? If I already see 199 as something far into the future,yet I think its accomplishable, but with my body frame and history its suitable,I think I know my body better than she does. Considering my history and what I want for myself I think I know whats a good range for me.

I left early before I even got the chance to weigh in, some people, especially people who are to be there to motivate and help you need to learn the appropriate ways to deal with people.

Needless to say I don't think I'll be going back to WW personally. I don't need to pay 40 a month to be made to feel that I'll never accomplish anything. Na, I'm good.
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  1. You are accomplishing a lot. You would think she would encourage you to set reasonable short term goals so you dont feel overwhelmed. 199 is quite and achievement I am about 9lbs away from reaching that number and I am wayyyy excited and my starting weight was 212! S0 for you to get to 199 will be a huge accomplishment because you would have come so far. Of course you know your body best and maybe when you get to 199 you may decided to go smaller but i guess what i did all that rambling to say is dont let others' ignorance affect how you feel or make you question your goals.

  2. I had a similar experience with a personal trainer. He envisioned me being between 135-140. When I met with him I was about 197 and coming from 275...I already had success at losing weight without a trainer and a gym! I told him my goal was 165 and he basically brushed off what I told him. Like you, I know my body and right now at 178 wearing a size 11/12 I could stay here and be cool but I want to be 165 wearing a size 10! My honey thinks I'm too small now, my family thinks I'm too small now but society says I'm still too big! How you perceive yourself is all that really matters! Don't let anyone else dictate your outcome, that's only up to you and God!