Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fitness Loot

Sorry if this rambles, just took two Benadryl and think they are kicking in.

So today was payday and I got up early this morning to get my kitchen stocked healthily, think I did a pretty good job :), also got a chance to get some new fitness goodies, The Biggest Loser Food Journal to track my food, water, and exercise as well I found a kettlebell on sale at the bookstore of all places, I've been wanting one forever and its normally $25 with the two dvds and kettlebell itself, but it was on sale today for 60% off, yea definitely scooped it up. :)

The Biggest Loser journal is set up kinda interesting though are no pages to weigh yourself I guess that could be put on anypage you, wanted have to say the book is much smaller than I would have imaginged but it will work just as well all the same. Can't wait to start using it.Anyways:

Getting ready for work today I noticed that I'm at that irritating size again, smaller than my current wardrobe, but still a bit too big for my smaller sizes, so that sucks. My favorite two pair of work pants I'm swimming in and while thats a good thing its irritating, since I need to hold off on getting more clothes until I've been on plan awhile longer I just have to deal for now, anywho. Papa Benadryl is calling, gotta answer.
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