Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cheat Day!

Glad I weighed in before my cheat day began, so any damage I may have done will have evened out by next weigh in.

Today I ate:
Large Fruit Smoothie : Soymilk, 1 Plum, 1 Peach, Blueberry A├žai yogurt. Strange, but surprisingly delicious.
1 Chicken Burrito
2 Hard Tacos
1 XXL Chalupa
1 Willy Wonka Chocolate bar
2 Sweet Potatoes made into fries.

Sadly only about 16oz. Water

Considering cheat days I've had in the past this was relatively tame, I didn't go overboard and I got a few cravings out of my system so I'm not tempted this week, going forward going for 80/20, or maybe even 90/10, basically I will eat clean for the majority of the time and save treats or cheats for the weekends.

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  1. You might want to consider a cheat meal instead of calling it a cheat day. If you focus on eating clean all day and blow off one meal the guilt is lessened. I normally allow myself two cheat meals per week.

  2. @Meisha the idea of a cheat meal sounds amazing too me.

    Lady Cyone all I can say is you took advantage of your cheat day! But there are still a lot of good healthy things in there too. I aint mad at ya :D

  3. I always have a cheat day. I dont think I could survive without one.