Monday, November 29, 2010

Where Will I Be In A Year...

I had a long talk with my friend Kiki today, we met a year ago on a low carb forum and started our weight loss journeys (again) together. Over the past year we have been on many different plans,regimens, and detoxes together, sadly though we both are nearly the same place we were when we first met.

Looking back just over the two months I've been blogging and I see the same thing happening thats been plaguing me since I decided years ago that I wanted to lose weight. I stick to a program for maybe two to three weeks, my exercise is sporadic at best and at first I drop the weight, but within a months time I tend to end right back where I started.

Its frustrating to say the least and leaves me discouraged and a bit disappointed in myself. With this year being so close to ending I want to feel as if I have made some type of progress toward my goals.

I made a list of all the diets I have ever tried:
*Fat Smash
*South Beach
*South Beach Supercharged
*Stillmans QWL
*Stillmans 14 Day Shapeup
*Jillian Michaels Winning By Losing
*Biggest Loser
*Grapefruit Diet
*Green Tea Diet
*Slim Fast
*Weight Watchers
*Calorie Counting.

I've come to realize that losing weight is not necessarily my issue rather maintaining weight loss. I have been losing the same 30 and on for the past two years and honestly I've finally got to the point I'm just done with all of it. Diets don't work for me, and lately I just can't seem to find the motivation for me to stick to one.

Here is what I have learned about myself and what I'm using to formulate my own plan:

*It all comes down to cals in vs. cals out.
*Exercise is a must no if,ands, or buts about it.
*My body does not tolerate white carbs, thats breads, sweets, white rice, and white pasta. Lately whenever I have them, its like an instant sleeping pill and I'm out, they make me very lethargic and drowsy.
*I have to track my food intake honestly, everything counts.
*Water is a must, its the best free thing I can do for my body, getting in a minimum of 64 a daily goal.

I hate to start over, but then again I haven't been trying really so its like I haven't started in earnest anyways.

My plan is simple aim to lose 2 to 3 lbs.a week through eating healthy foods and get in at least 30 mins of exercise a day.

No gimmicks, no quick losses, something I can live with for the rest of my life, and is sustainable.

I don't want to keep losing the same weight over and over again. I want to be healthy, happy and fit.

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  1. Welcome back! Knowing your patterns is only a part of the battle. I've noticed through your blogs that you do tend to jump around a lot from diet to diet. You are SO right, sporadic bursts of exercise will not yield you lasting weight loss results. You absolutely have to make a conscious effort to exercise and cut back your portions. Write down everything that you eat and make adjustments week to week based on your progress. You can do it, you have to fight through all of the obstacles that shall come. Make exercise the main focus of your program and watch the pounds fall off! You'll be too tired and sore to sabatoge all of your hard work by eating poorly lol! Come back to the forum too!

  2. Thanks Miesha! Dusting myself off and doing this the right way,and I definitely need to get back on the forum.

  3. I'm not sure about you but to me the idea of going on a diet scares the hell out of me. Also to stop eating foods I enjoy also scares me to death, which is why I continue to eat what I like but I try and reduce how much I would usually eat.

    For example, before I started this weight loss attempt, I could easily eat a whole pizza + sides. Now I eat 2 or 3 slices of Pizza and fill the rest of the plate up with tomatoes, cucumber or whatever salad there is that I enjoy eating (which isn't usually a lot). Basically it's just a case of eating what I want, but less of it but include healthy things too so I don't finish the meal and still feel hungry. So far it's worked and I don't feel like I am missing out.