Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mini Hair Haul/Product Review

I've heard so many great things about coconut and peppermint oil and I'm itching to try some, but its a bit hard to find some around here. Browsing through WalMarts "ethnic" hair section as always :) and I stumbled upon a few new items.

Palmer's Coconut Oil Spray
Price: $4.27
It says:
Invigorate and freshen your hair and scalp with Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots Spray. Formulated with a blend of Pure Coconut oil for strength and shine, Eucalyptus extract to soothe tightness or itch and Pure Peppermint to stimulate circulation. The refreshing and exotic coconut-mint fragrance keeps hair smelling terrific.

Perfect For:
Hair that is prone to dryness or breakage
Tightness and Itch relief from styling
Refreshing hair in between shampoos
Human and Synthetic hair

My Views:
*Firstly I love light oil sprays, and this one is very lightweight and leaves hair feeling moisturized without feeling weighed down or drippy.

*Great Way to add to add coconut and peppermint oil to your regime.

* Can be used daily as a moisturizer.

* Helps with breakage and its made my hair softer.

*Smells Better than tea tree oil for helping with itchiness.

* Comes in a lovely spray bottle which makes application to scalp super easy.

*Absorbs Very quickly hair doesn't feel greasy or oily after.

* There is a slight smell, but its not horrible, kinda a minty coconut and it fades soon, so not that bad.

Overall so far I'm loving it will continue using it in my daily regime as a moisturizer

Smooth 'n Shine Therapy 60 second Critical Repair
Price: $1.27
It says:
Smooth 'N Shine Therapy - Silk Fusion Sixty-Second Critical Repair 1.7 oz.

Smooth 'N Shine Therapy - Silk Fusion Sixty-Second Critical Repair will moisturize, repair, and protect damaged hair.

Perfect for:
Damage control, stopping breakage

* Made with water, coconut oil, silk amino acids, glycerin, and biotin, all wonderful things for your hair.

* Works quickly.

* Light protein treatment.

* Good sub for Aphogee if you find the products too strong for your hair.

*Cheap! :)

*Doesn't Dry hair out in the least, but should still follow with a dc.


* The only con is really a matter of personal choice, due to the pearl extracts it will leave light flecks in your hair, but personally I like them :).

Dr. Miracles Tingling Conditioning Treatment
Price: $1.74

Normally I'm not a huge fan of the Dr. Miracle line, have tried many of his products and didn't get the results promised or remotely close. The one thing I have liked in this line is the Tingling Conditioning.

* Tingles, but its very effective.

*Quick Conditioning that can be used with or without heat.


* Does contain mineral oil and petrolatum.

Basically a good conditioner works about the same as any other with the added benefit of tingles.

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