Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weight Update

Firstly my hair is doing awesome since my last check, and my texture is becoming so much easier to manage. I've found the right combination of moisturizers and good regime. Figured out that my hair needed protein, so I do a light treatment with my first wash of the week, and started adding honey and castor oil to my DC's. My hair is loving it and I haven't had a dry day this week.

New Must Have Products:
Shea Butter Chlolesterol
Organic Honey
Palmers Coconut DC Treatment

Anywho on to my weight update, I'm down 34 lbs and honestly I'm amazed at myself, its something I've always wanted to do have been trying for years now but finally something clicked and its been going great.

Since being able to wear some of my clothes that have been in my closet forever, I'm adding a pic of my favorite pair of black pants, which I now need to retire, they are definitely too big now :)

Stay healthy people!

Two months ago these pants were leaving marks in my skin from being too tight :)
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