Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weigh In

Ok so I'm curious as always and stepped on the scale again today. Normally I don't weigh every day but again I was curious. It said 328.8 yesterday and I didn't want to claim it, after breakfast today I tried again and its saying pretty much the same thing, 329.0 so I'm claiming it!!!

I'm out of the 330's :) * Happy Dance* I'm seeing a 2 in my very near future, and I'm seriously looking forward to Sundays weigh in, I'll probably check in the days in between, but won't log until Sunday.

Have a great one people!

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  1. Early congratulations!! :) You've done brilliantly in the last month. Well done!

  2. Thanks!!! Its been an amazing journey so far, hope it keeps going this way.

  3. You still have a few days until Sunday to be even lower! Congrats you are doing great!