Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Back!

Ok I've been off the last two weeks or so and I've been a little down and off track, but I'm back!!!!

Diet/Lowcarb/Eating healthy have all been absolutely nonexistent and its a laugh what I've considered exercise. No sense in continuing to beat myself up about it, just do better in the future.

My initial goal was to lose 10% of my starting weight, which was 36lbs which I hit a few weeks ago. Unfortunately since I've gained back about 9 of those pounds and I'm at 333. :( Sad, but I'm not discouraged.

I'm putting myself of the Fat Free in 42 Kettleworx plan, six weeks seems like plenty of time to make real progress and if I push myself I want to break the 3 mark.

Its 2am so I need to hit the sheets but I will be taking my day one weight and measurements before work today and getting my workout done tonight, its only 20 mins :) so I have no excuse not to fit it in.
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