Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weight Loss Update

Ok so I've been at this weight loss journey for awhile now or at least it feels like awhile, anywho time for my month one update, I started blogging in October and I think its helped to keep me accountable and stick to something. Weight wise the scale has moved 11 pounds and thats not much to some, especially considering how far I have to go, but I'm proud. My measurements haven't changed much and I will log the official ones later, but I think I see a difference in my lower body stomach and hips area and I'll take it.
This months goals are:

1. Complete 30 mins exercise everyday.
2. Drink at least 64 oz. Water everyday.
3. Get in 3 Kettlebell workouts a week or every other day if I can manage.
4. Stick to about 1500-1800 cals per day.
5. Lose 15 lbs. For this month.

And crossing my fingers on this but I hope to fit in by black pants by December, so thats a goal of losing one size over the next month!

*Also for coming updates I will try to wear about the same outfit, so I can tell better progress.
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1 comment:

  1. not much!?!?!?
    A loss is a loss and 11 pounds is something to be damn proud of!
    Great plan for the month~
    Way to go chica....wishing you much success for November...make each day a new one!!!