Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Off Day/Time For Hair/Ends help.

Ok, since the comments about my ends last week I've been looking closely at my hair and beyond upping my moisture regimen, I'm looking for new ideas. Besides the basics I've been a little lax with my hair and thats gotta stop. Today I intend on doing the whole bit:

1. Prepoo with honey and baggy 30mins to 1hr.
2. Wash with a mix of Mane & Tail,Suave Almond Shea Butter, and Ion Straightening shampoo. (Just A little of each)
3. Palmer's Coconut Protein Pack.
4. Quick condition with Aussie 3 min. Miracle.
5. Deep Condition w/ ORS and Chlolesterol for 1hr. With heat, or greenhouse effect.
6. Leave in conditioner and Ion Straightener.

Debating about light blow drying and wrapping, with the Essence techniques.

Now for my hair sisters I have a few questions:
1) I don't believe I'm m&s the correct way, I'm out of moisturizer and until I can find a shea butter moisturizer, I'm thinking of mixing some conditioner with water and spraying that everyday as my moisturizer and following up with Hollywood Castor Oil or nightly using my regular castor oil.Would this work?

2) Water based moisturizers:
Can I make my own by mixing water and Aussie 3min Miracle?

3) Ends help:
One side of my hair is longer than the other, and I don't want to trim or do any kind of cutting until they even out some, I don't think its damaged, but my ends are dry, I need some ideas on keeping them moisturized.

4) Hair styles, I'm going to try a 3 month stretch so my next relaxer will be in February, thinking about a challenge group but more on that later. Anyways I've stretched before months at a time and its been no issue, but I've always used either braids or sew in and for this stretch I want to have more access to my own hair for moisturizing and cowashing, so I will be only using my own hair and maybe wigs or half wigs. But due to my last two relaxers failing I've got various textures going on, my ends are definitely relaxed, the middle feels more texturized, and my new growth is super kinky,so I need ideas on how to control all the textures so any and all suggestions are welcome.

Happy growing!!
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