Saturday, November 6, 2010

Relaxer Success, Finally! I love ORS!!!!

Finally a success with relaxer!! I love the ORS system, and for my hair I need a Super lol, oh well at least I know now. For future reference I think that what's working best for my hair if I stretch my relaxers to just 10 to 12 weeks, any longer causes major breakage and makes my perms harder to take.

Also the suggestion to practice with deep conditioner is a great idea, you'll figure out just how to apply the relaxer and you'll also get better conditioned hair.

My steps:
3 Days Before:
Deep condition and protein treat with Palmer's.
Avoid scratching hair though it seems in the week coming up to the relaxer my head gets a serious case of itchiness.

Day Of:
Apply castor oil to already relaxer ends.
Base hair with African Pride Grease around neck, hairline, and ears.

Relaxer Time!
Before my relaxer:

It had started to get kinda nappy :)

Relaxer Steps:
*1* Mixed relaxer and activator two mins, no lumps or bumps.
*2* Applied relaxer beginning with crown area, took 12 mins to apply.
*3* Set timer for 18 mins and began smoothing with back or rattail comb and fingertips
*4* Rinsed hair under warm water for about 5 mins.
*5* Applied Isoplus Neutralizing shampoo, rinsed out 3x.
*6* Applied Creamy Aloe Neutralizing Shampoo and let sit 10 mins, rinsed out.
*7* Mixed ORS Deep Conditioning Pack and Shea Butter Chlolesterol, put under shower cap and applied heat for 15 mins, rinsed out.
*8*Rinsed Hair with ACV and honey, let set 15 mins then rinsed again. (1/4 Cup ACV, 2 cups Water, small amount of honey)
*9* Used the ORS Hair Lotion and Fantasia IC as a moisturizer and a few drops of Argan Oil.
*10* Greased scalp with African Pride grease and Hollywood Castor Oil.
*11* Blow dried about 5 mins with paddle brush until halfway dry.
*12* Wrapped and tied down to air dry overnight.

My results:
Overall I think that it came out overall much better than I expected, I'll probably do a protein treatment with my next cowash. I still think I'm at SL, but decided I needed another inch or so before I can claim it fully.
Have to step up my castor oil challenge and moisture regimen.

Happy Growing Listas!!

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  1. ive been putting off using this relaxer, i keep hearing good thing about it