Sunday, November 14, 2010

11/14- 11/20 Check In

Hello Listas!! This weeks check in is a progress update, we have been on the challenge for two months now and we all want to see how two months of consistent hair care is going, so go back and grab your starting pic, take a pic for this week and post here for comparison. :)

I was feeling a little down about my progress so far, so I did a pic check and even though I haven't gotten the growth I wanted so far, I've seen other changes.

*Less Breakage
*Softer hair
*Retaining Moisture
*Better protective styles
*Better at self styling.
*No More tangled hair!!

I've also finally found my staple products, FINALLY, after massive trial and error.

Moisturizer: Palmers Strong Roots Spray, Coconut and peppermint oil mix as well as Fantasia IC Instant Tea Moisturizer.
Growth Aide: Castor 3x a week every other day and massage in.
Wash Regime:
Wash once a week with a light protein treatment
DC twice a week with heat

I figured out one very important thing when it comes to my hair.
* Less is more for my hair.
* I'm heavy handed :) so I end up using way too much product and that why I hadn't been able to acheive the results I wanted.

And my pics:

Where I started:
And this week:

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