Monday, November 8, 2010

Blue Sweater Freed!!!

I almost cried this morning getting ready for work, the temperature has dropped a lot recently and my fall/winter wardrobe is still behind. Honestly I wear basically the same things year round so the weather changing doesn't normally mean much.

The reason for the tears? I have this lovely blue sweater that I bought last year in preperation for one of my many weight loss efforts. It's a 2x and at the time I was busting out of a 3x so I figured small goals and I'd wear it soon. Needless to say days turned into weeks,weeks into months, and the poor sweater hung in my closet collecting dust . I'd try it every few months but I could barely breathe in it, so eventually it went into my goal clothes section and I honestly thought it would stay there unworn.

Not that I don't believe in myself, *shrug* thats just the way it feels sometimes.

Anyways I've had great success with the scale these past two months and I've lost just shy of 30 lbs. Overall, but the problem is getting my mind and what I see catch up to what the scale shows. My clothes feel looser my favorite two pairs of work pants look awful because they've gotten so loose but still I hold on to them. Why? Not sure but I'm working on it.

Back to the sweater, there it hung this morning in all its warm glory. I tried it on expecting a fight but it slid right down and settled into the right places. My waist has gotten smaller, sadly my boobs to but oh well, my stomach is not pushing out as much and making this look terrible.

I feel good, I think it looks good, and most importantly finally I see the progress I'm making.

What a way to start my Atkins phase, I know I can do this because I AM doing this.

Have a lovely day people!
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  1. Yeah! I love when that happens. I like you still have all my pants taht are too big. It has gotten to the point thatit is a bit ridiculous. When you are ready you will buy new ones. I suggest you go to Target or TJ Maxx and get something cheap, because you are going to lose more weight! Great Job!

  2. Awesome!!! I know how good that feels to be able to go shopping in your own closet. You do get a little teary over it.

  3. I'm proud of you! You are doing a great job! I shopped thrift stores this whole year lol! I can buy 10's now and feel comfortable spending the money because that's where I plan to stay. If I get smaller I'll have stuff taken in! DO NOT hold on to your old clothes once they no longer fit! Bag them up to donate. I have one pair of my size 22's for illustration purposes only!

  4. Congratulations! :D I know how you feel about holding on to bigger clothes but TRUST! this time around everything that is too big for me goes in the garbage. Big clothes are what you turn to when you gain weight! we are not planning on regaining the weight we lose, so there is no reason to keep them! :D

  5. Well done!!! I'm looking forward to the day I can put on my t-shirt I bought a few years ago.

    Unfortunately fashion has changed a lot since then so i'll probably never wear it after that but I still want to be able to fit in it! lol