Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weigh In Drum Roll Please....

Good morning to everyone in Blogland!! Weighed in this morning and got a pleasant surprise...331.2, I stepped on and off about 20 times just to make sure it was right and finally took a pic just to prove it to myself. Wow, that's about 8 lbs since my doc visit.

I went back over my food journals this past week to find out exactly what I did, my cals and carbs had been a bit low. I was a bit down after my check up and thankfully for once instead of making my appetite go into overdrive when I'm sad, it actually went down to nonexistent. Since getting the go ahead on Atkins I started to wean off carbs so my body wouldn't have as great of a shock, looks like its working. I'll officially be on Induction starting tomorrow and I feel very ready.

If I can do this in a few days time, I believe I can be out of the 3's by the new year and that would be amazing. That will be a 31 lb. Goal over two months and I've seen it done, I'm ready to count myself among the successful.

Its funny, on Friday I was watching Fit Tv and they were showing an old episode of National Body Challenge and the woman who was featured was opting for gastric bypass surgery. Of course that piqued my interest since it was recommended to me, she was 33,had two kids and had been struggling with her weight her whole life. She lived with her two sisters who both were also obese but had accepted there bodies as they were and felt fine about themselves. But for Lisa (I think that's her name) her weight ruled her life. She didn't feel good about herself, she excluded herself from social activities, she lived in sweatpants and no makeup. She was always doing for everyone and never for herself.She tried every diet out there, exercised excessively and was stuck at 255. Gastric became her only option, it was amazing I watched her go through adapting to seeing herself in a new way, getting her mind to connect with a smaller body, and accept that she was becoming thinner. The amazing part is she lost about 80 lbs. In 17 weeks.

Wow, not gonna lie I seriously considered gastric but I've already had success doing this the long way. Also I know behind my eating there are more emotional reasons and honestly on my part laziness, I have a hard time finding a workout plan I can stick to.

On the flip side, this morning I caught Real Women Have Curves on HBO, pretty decent movie, definitely shows appreciation for a womanly figure. Also made me think, I want to find myself at the end of this journey, not necessarily thin, but slimmer than I am now. I want my numbers to improve and mostly I want to be comfortable with who I am. I know no number or size will define that for me, but I want to be in a healthier catergory.

Anyways enough rambling just wanted to update my weight and I have a challenge going with my boo to motivate me for the end of the year, I'll detail that in my next post.

Live, Lose, Learn, Love
Be Blessed People!
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  1. Dang that is an awesome loss. Go you. Getting the carbs out of your diet is really going to help you get to your goal.

    I was all set to have gastric bypass surgery (insurance and copay was covered). Then I set out to lose the 10% and figured out I could do it myself. You are right. Surgery doesn't fix the emotional issues that got you where you are. Taking the long road is better because you have to face the emotions. It is tough. It takes a lot of work. But in the long run you are better off because you didn't drastically alter your insides and you are able to focus on fixing what is really broken.

    Congrats. You are doing amazingly well.