Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shopping In My Closet

I thought about what you all said about holding onto clothes that are too big and I think after I drop one to two more sizes I'll be starting a swap with my clothes. Right now I have about another size to go to start shopping and I know I will lose it and definitely don't want to keep holding on to my bigger sizes. That way I know if I gain weight I don't have any clothes to fit a bigger me.

After my sweater got its freedom papers yesterday I decided to try on a few more of my outfits to see what may fits and what needs more work. I found another sweater to wear to work today:

And yes I'm grinning like a fool, but I'm very happy.:)

I was right all along, I don't need more clothes I need less me lol. There are still about three more shirts waiting for their freedom and I'm thinking if I step up my exercise and stick to Atkins I should be rocking at least one of them for Thanksgiving, and staying on track I hope to liberate my black pant and checkered top for Christmas. We shall see, I've got about 6 weeks to make it work and I know I can do this!
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