Thursday, November 11, 2010

How Far I've Come... From 362 to now

I started my journey a little over two months ago on my 25th birthday, Aug. 27. My beginning weight was 362. I started taking scale shots at 350ish:

And here I am today:


Wow, I'm amazed this is the longest time I've stuck with a diet or exercise program and I am so proud of myself. :)

What Losing My First 30 Pounds Has Taught Me:

*1. This is not an overnight thing, it takes time, patience, hard work and some days pain and tears.

*2. To some extent all diets work, it all comes down to cals in and cals out.

*3. Cardio is not going to kill me, lol no matter how fast my heart is beating eventually I'll get used to this and can go longer and harder.

*4. Tracking works better if I am completely honest, if I don't document everything who am I hurting but myself.

*5. Back to 2. While all diets do work, for me a version of low carbbing works the best for me.

*6. One cheat day is not going to screw up my results, making this work is not about being perfect everyday, its the quality of all those days that determines my success.

*7. I can do this!!! Its not a race, no clock is ticking, its a proccess and I am doing it.My goals all of them will come to pass in due time.

*8. I would rather have a small amount of a unhealthy food that I crave, than have unlimited amount of a watered down, no fat version.

*9. :) That this is just the beginning I have a lot ahead of me but I will get there. Can't wait for the next 30!

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  1. Congratulations on your brilliant loss so far!

    I agree with what you've learnt too. It's always going to be tough and a long process but when you hit your overall target, it's definitely going to be worth it!