Friday, November 5, 2010

Dr. Visit and Atkins

My brother called me Monday after he had left his physical. Keep in mind he's only 20 and in relatively good shape, but he has a condition I can't remember the name of it now but basically he stresses too much and the stress is putting him at risk of a heart attack. When he told me it didn't compute. I mean he's only 20, he's in good health so I thought, he's about 6'3 and about 180, and when he was measured he only has 20% body fat. All numbers that are well within normal range, but still he has high blood pressure. That was truly an eye opener for me and made me afraid for my own vist today, if he has that going on internally there's no telling what internal crisis my poor body is going through.

My results:
Well the only yay was I am actually the weight I thought I was so my home scale is correct at 339. Thats the only upside, I have high blood pressure that they want to put me on medication for, (I'm only 25), I'm prediabetic and running a very real risk of developing Type 2 diabetes if I don't lose the weight. My chlolesterol is elevated and I'm currently in the morbidly obese catergory.

Morbidly. What a godawful word, if the obese(which puts me in mind of "a beast") wasn't enough I have to be disgustingly so. The other bright side if this can be considered bright is my numbers are much better than they were last time so I do know I am making changes in the right direction. And I actually did something bright and brought the diet I was considering to my doctor to get approval. (You Know how all the books and programs say that but few people do :))

It seems I carry most of my weight around my waist and unfortunately thats the worst type of fat there is, and if my gallbladder attack last year wasn't enough of a wake up call, he wants me to consider having gastric bypass.

Now no offense to anyone who chose that route, to each his own, but for me that's a hell naw situation. I will not have surgical intervention, I am not so hardheaded and lazy that I can't put two simple things together and get the correct solution. Quit putting junk in my body and start moving my ass and Voila! It equals to a healthier Cyone.

I have a physical in March and I am bound and determined to be at least 50lbs lighter to improve my numbers, I hate needles and I don't want to be diabetic, and I damn sho ain't having surgery to do for me what I can and will do for myself.

I got approval to try Atkins out, I need to eliminate a lot of the unhealthy carbs that spike my blood sugar and this seems the best way to go, so wish me luck ladies, I'm on a mission.

Got my grocery shopping done and made sure I found as many healthy veggies I could and I'm raring to start.

Best of luck everyone!
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  1. I also hate the word obese. What's worse was that my video games console told me I was obese. It's hard enough telling myself that but when the Nintendo Wii starts telling me, then I know it must be bad! LOL

    Great blog and good luck with your weight loss!


  2. Hearing morbid obesity is a wake up call. I was considered morbidly obese at 5'5 275. A year later I'm "overweight" according to BMI. You definitely want to get your numbers in check and lower your blood pressure. I'm glad you got the thumbs up from your doctor to start Atkins. Keep checking in on Team Lean Suite too :-)