Friday, November 5, 2010

Product Haul

Ok so I went to Sallys to get some moisturizer and as always I ended up with more that I expected :) Oh well, I think I finally have my hair regimen figured out.

Today's Haul:
WalMart Castor Oil $2.68
SofNSheen Carson Oil Creme $3.97
Milk Protein Conditioning Treatment $.97

From Sally's (with Sally's card)
Fantasia IC Moisturizer $5.29
Duck Bill Clips $2.29
Shea Butter Conditioning $2.29

I'm putting my hair on a boot camp regimen to get it back to behaving, I've been doing the basics with my hair regime but its time to step it up.

I figured out my hair has been dry due to porosity issues, so adding something to the regimen to help combat that and hopefully restore my moisture.

The regimen for the next 90 days:

Take 5mg Biotin
Drink 3 liters of water(abt 96 oz.)
Take Multivitamin
M&S with Fantasia IC or SofnSheen
Apply castor oil to scalp and massage before bed.

ACV Rinse
Prepoo with Honey
Mane and Tail Shampoo
Light Protein Treatment (Palmers Or Milk Protein)
Deep Condition w/Shea Butter and Heat
Aussie Leave In
Air Dry and wrap.

Cayenne Pepper Wash for 30, then rinse.
Aussie 3 Min Miracle
Deep Condition CoWash w/Shea Butter and Heat
Aussie Leave In
Air Dry and wrap or Rollerset

Saturday night bonus:
Overnight baggy with oil.

I'm starting at SL and hope to be full even SL by the end of the challenge.

I'm making this a challenge because I tend to change my regimen and products up frequently before giving them a chance to work so even if my products change I will be using this basic plan for the next 3 months.
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