Saturday, December 11, 2010

12 lbs from 50 lbs. Loss!!!

I am officially 12 lbs from losing 50 lbs!!!

I got back to my pre Thanksgiving weight last week but the scale seems to be stuck there. Instead of getting discouraged though I'm looking at the overall picture and I am 12 lbs from being 50 lbs.smaller and that in itself is a wonderful accomplishment!!!

We're on week 10 of the 15 in 15 challenge and with 5 weeks left I would love to hit 2 to 3 lbs a week for the remaining weeks and I think its possible.

Since I've stopped changing diets and just counting cals progress is being made and I can tell it in how my clothes fit, how I feel and my strength is going up. All great NSVs!

So staying focused and hoping to see the scale move in the next two weeks.
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  1. Oh that is just incredibly fantastic. Keep it up. You are going to be the beautiful bride you have been dreaming of.