Sunday, December 26, 2010

So I've Decided To Stretch 6 Mths.

In lieu of making resolutions this year I just plan to do better, on the hair front I am in love with peppermint oil! Using a mix of castor, jojoba, and African pride herbal oil and my hair has never felt so soft and non greasy, and I'm loving the tingling even now.

Setting my hair goals I've decided to stretch for 6 mths, I'm currently about 7 weeks post with my last relaxer on November 6th and I'm going to stretch until May 6th, hopefully.

My current hair pics:

Back Shot:


During the stretch I plan to keep it simple as possible:
Use castor oil/peppermint oil mix and massage in, every day.
Use SSCarson Optimum Therapy 3 in 1 oil on ends.
Wrap and keep under wig cap or braids.
Part of the challenge will be hiding my hair for the duration.

Wash every 3 days with added Peppermint oil.
DC with heat under Hydra cap.
Air dry with leave ins.

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