Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Transition Files: Week 21

Well nearly 6 months I am just 2 weeks shy of the 6 month point and lately I had been thinking about giving up on this but I like my little mini fro and learning more about my texture.

Overall still having a few issues with my edges but they are filling in nicely:)

What I've learned:

Limited heat is best for transitioning and natural hair. Lately the only heat I've used is in my DC's.

All hair whether it is natural, relaxed, or transitioning needs to stay moisturized. Cowashes are very useful for this. So I'll be adding more to my regime.

Since the line between natural and relaxed hair seems to the weakest and can be where hair is easiest to break I've started the Aphogee challenge to strengthen my hair overall since I am a long term transitioner.

For retaining length sadly it took me almost 4 and a half months to get breakage to stop I really hadn't seen as much growth as I would have liked I know where my mistakes have been and I can do much better going forward.

Goals for next 6 months:

*Cowash at least twice a week for moisture retention.
*Grow and retain 3 inches of natural growth, reach line 2 on my shirt unstretched.
*Continue with Aphogee for strength and Argan Oil for conditioning.
*Limit heat to just Dc's once a week.I will try to avoid heat for 6 months then do another length check.
* Keep my regime simple:

Wash with Aphogee Shampoo
2 Min Reconstructor (1st 8 weeks)
Balancing Moisturizer
Airdy with Green Tea Restructurizer and Argan Oil
Apply Growth Mix Oils


Aussie 3 Min. Miracle
Motions CPR
Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer
Palmers Coconut Conditioner

Added Oils:

Air Dry.

So we will see how it goes, also trying to avoid adding any more products to my regimen until I run out of these.

Happy Growing everyone!
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