Thursday, April 14, 2011

*100 Lbs in 100 Days Challenge*


This challenge is not for the faint hearted and should not be done without a clean bill of health and consulting with your doctor. Any diet under 1000 calories should not be attempted without this.

Diet Plan:

Stillman's QWL:

Lean Meat (Chicken, Turkey, Beef)
Lean Seafood and Fish
Cottage Cheese
Low Carb Shakes (Atkins)
10 8 oz. Glasses of Water
One Multivitamin Daily

1st 33 Days:
30 Mins Twice a Day

2nd 33 Days:
45 Mins Twice a Day

Last 34 Days:
60 Mins Twice a Day

This is a very low calorie diet and has virtually no carbs , again I don't recommend this for the faint hearted or without a doctors knowledge or consent.

I will be doing daily weighins and posting my menu, I do thank all my readers for any suggestions but not necessarily opinions I have thought this through and intend on hitting as close to the 100 lb mark that I can. Just keep in mine many obese people have lost even more in a short amount of time and it can be done in a safe manner.
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  1. Lets get it in!!!!
    This is gonna take soem dedication so keep your eye on the prize. If you have a bad day just think about your goals :-)

  2. Hmmm sounds pretty impossible, but what the hell lets give it a try!

  3. @Valecia, I know it seems impossible but I figured what the hell I'd give it a shot and for me any loss is great :) Never know it just may be impossible enough to work.

  4. Good effort in great results out! Go for it!

  5. I will watch this to see how it goes. I know from experience that if you go too long without eating enough calories (especially if you are working out) it tends to backfire on you. How many calories are you eating per day? No fruits or veggies? Just know that when you return to a normal diet, you may see a sudden huge spike on the scale. That is normal.It will take your body a while to realize it is not starving. It certainly be done, I just worry about the long term effects. I wish you the best! Good luck!

  6. I have been doing low carb (sort of unintentionally) and the first three days are the hardest and it is doable it just takes a lot of dedication