Saturday, January 29, 2011

Update:Week One, 13lbs down,Pt. 2

I did my update yesterday and was cleaning up my bathroom to put my scale away. I had a good weigh in and as I do sometimes and I really need to work on not eating off track to reward myself. Anyways since I did eat a bit off track I wasn't sure what to expect and definitely didn't expect a loss.

327. 6!!!!!

That is an amazing 13 lbs lost this week, I can't wait to get in today's workout and do next weeks weigh in, I know that since I'm just restarting my weight loss that its water weight, but I will take it all!

My goal for next week's weigh in is to finally break the 320, I know if I push my workouts, stay on top of my water intake and eat to my calorie goal I can do it.

Until next week!!!
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  1. 13lbs?! Wow! That's amazing! Well done!!

  2. Great job! Water weight or not....take it and run! Stay focused and keep your eye on the prize! And do becareful with rewarding yourself w/food. I used to do that and then I was like...whoa I'm kinda undoing what I've been working hard to do. I do pick one day to treat myself. Make a list of possible reward, that way when you hit a mini milestone you won't be tempted to reward yourself with food.