Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dear Old Me,

Dear 75lbs,

Hi there, I've noticed that you've taken my waistline, boobs, belly, and booty hostage and even sent a couple to my face. I'm here to tell you its time to take them back and kick you to the curb. I was going through my email and found some pics of me back before you came into the picture:

I especially love the last pic. You have overstayed your welcome and it past time to give you your walking papers. I know you're stubborn but I have proof that I've done it before:

So I've waged war against you before and won, so I found those old battle plans. :) Remember Dr. Stillman? Yea, I found him again and trust me he's coming to kick every ounce of 75lbs off every part of my body. Lean protein,green veggies, loads of water, and diet green tea sound familiar? Yea, thats what I've got planned, and remember the Biggest Loser workouts? Yea, buddy I'm gunning for you :)

Consider this your fair warning because you won't be around much longer.

Ms. Cyone and My Sexy :)

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  1. Get it Girl! Kick those pounds to the curb. You can do it!

  2. What a brave letter and great idea! I need to write one, too... Thanks for sharing this!