Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today I Feel Fat

I know, I know not a very uplifting title, but hey there it is. Today I felt weighed down,sluggish and beyond lethargic. Today was a reminder of why I'm on this journey to drop these pounds because it was not a good feeling in the least.

Today I feel optimistic, because I know that this feeling will pass and I know I'm doing what it takes to leave this behind for good.

Today I feel empowered and educated about my healthy choices. I've been on one too many diets that didn't fail me, but rather I failed. Learned something very real in all that time, all diets work to some extent if you follow them. The trick is learning that its calories in vs.calories out and exercise is a must.

Today I feel strong. Its not easy to make healthy choices sometimes and actually push myself to workout, but as long as I keep doing it, my results will come.

Today I feel just fine. :) No, I'm not where I want to be,but I'm on the road, and though I had a down moment, I think I'll get there.
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1 comment:

  1. I have those days as well. Its all part of the journey! At least you are being positive and recognizing that this too shall pass! Keep on pushing!

    Peace and Blessings