Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 1: Evaluation/How I Got Fat?

Today is focused on figuring out how I got here.

The plainly obvious is that I eat too much and move way too little. I'm comparing what I did now and what I did then that were different to lead me to success.

Exercise seems to be the biggest factor, when I graduated high school my first job was Subway, between doing prep, loading the front, stocking the fridge and freezer, making bread, baking bread, cleaning dishes, taking out trash and cleaning the restaurant, I was moving my entire shift. Then I would walk before work or to work, and after work I did more cardio and weigh training. So I ended up putting in two hours of exercise on top of what I did at work.

Eating also was on track because I ate breakfast at Subway so I normally snacked on veggie strips,grilled chicken strips,shredded cheese, either on a Atkins wrap, or made a salad in a cup with ranch dressing, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell strips, turkey,ham or roast beef. Lunch I normally made an employee sub, and my favorites were the Subway Club, Chicken Bacon Ranch, the Subway Melt, the BLT, and since I made my own I piled on the veggies and went light on sauces. Grabbed a bag of light or baked chips and sometimes a cookie and lunch was set. Dinner was usually another sub if I didn't feel like cooking or a salad. And I know they say diet sodas are bad for you but I lived on Sprite Zero, Diet Coke with Lemon, sweet tea, and water.

But hey it worked in the first 6 months I lost about 60lbs, and it really seemed like it was effortless, I wasn't intentionally dieting and enjoyed my life and the weight just fell off. :) Lovely wish I can get back there again.

So I'm asking myself what changed and how did I regain the weight plus more?

My current job I'm a collections rep for Directtv and I'll be honest I sit on my behind 8 hours a day and get little to no exercise. Due to boredom I snack all day on candy, chips, soda, and juices, being honest its very possible in just snacks alone to rack up 1000 calories and thats not including actual meals. I know, very sad. Also in my first year here I had a love affair with the Zaxbys Club basket and sweet tea, or the Wings and Things platter. I didn't know it at the time but I was racking up about 1300 calories just at lunch, so added to that one meal and my snacks I was already at 2300 calories, scary to think what all 3 meals totalled.

Hmmm, see where I'm going with this? I also worked 12 to 9 so my schedule was crazy I was eating early, eating late, and wasn't doing any shape, form, or fashion of exercise. So looking back its nots suprising I went from 240ish back to 332 in my first year.

So what am I going to do? The obvious answer is to stop stuffing my face and start moving my ass. Very simple.

Slight side track, I watched the season premiere of the Biggest Loser last night and I haven't watched the show in years, honestly it always made me feel bad watching these people lose weight and never seeming to find the motivation to get myself to do the same thing. But last night my brother told me to tune in, and I'm glad I did.

I realized that another reason I haven't been giving myself a chance, 5 mins into exercising if I start to get a winded or a little pain and i give up. Some days I barely make it through a warm up before I quit. How sad is that. I was ashamed of myself looking at these 400lb+ people and people my own weight push themselves past their limits and keep on going.

They wanted this! Hell, I want it to so why don't I push myself the same way?

I have a blessed opportunity coming up when I will have my house to myself for about the next two months. I have no one to distract me from working out, no one else to cook for, I have the chance to set up my own Biggest Loser ranch and I have got to take advantage of it.

Wow, didn't mean for this to be so long, lol but that's today's evaluation :) I'll be taking my weight and measurements tonight to post and see where I am now and where I'm going.
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  1. Eat less and Move more, sounds simple doesn't it? I am going to post my measures this weekend and rededicate myself to losing weight as well... Good luck!

  2. i'm on a weight loss quest myself. && i have just started working a call center job as well. i sit on my ass 8 hours a day taking calls and its very very easy to fall into the habit of snacking on all the goodies they have in the lobby (the cakes they bring in is diet suicide) but i resist. i pack fruits and yogurts for lunch. i usually take a zip lock bag filled with grapes or chips and between calls or while im taking calls i just chew on that while sipping water or coffee.

    but i can relate to the temptation. i wish you luck! and i will be following you, check my blog out as well as a few of my vids @

  3. You'll get there hun, I too have realized that my biggest downfall is Lack of movement. When i was 15 i Lost like 60 lbs in 3 months all because I walked evrywhere did sports and ate 3 square meals a day. It was effortless i wasnt even trying to lose the weight I just noticed it as I saw my shirt sizes getting smaller and belt getting bigger and had to order new pants for school. ( private school) Hope you check out my blog and Im following along to see your weightloss journey