Friday, February 11, 2011

No More Creamy Crack/Cream Of Nature Argan Review

*******Cream Of Nature: Argan Oil Review**********

Love,love,LOVE this line of products!

Argan Oil Glosser $4.74 @ WalMart

Uses excellent for adding shine to hair and useful in blow drying.

Very light oil that doesn't weight hair down.

Great smell!

Cuts drying time down.

I used this in my dc and to dry my hair and it came out so smooth and shiny, not to mention soft. Also NO Breakage!

Argan Oil Foaming Wrap Lotion
$7.47 @ WalMart

I was a little skeptical at the cost and I don't often use wrap lotions but read a tip online about using it to blow dry hair so I decided to try. Its well worth it.

Gives great slip and shine.

No breakage during blow drying and hair dried in half the time it normally would have.

Hair straightened out which meant I didn't have to flat iron as much.

Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment
1.47 @ WalMart

Best conditioning treatment I've used by far.

Same as the entire line, gives shine, and I was having issues with breakage and after treatment none whatsoever!

I did a post yesterday about having issues with this transition to natural but discovered yesterday that it is all a matter of which products my hair responds to, I had time yesterday to do a full treatment and my hair came out great, and after flat ironing I acheived a straight look that rivaled my best perm :) With the right tools, consistency, and actually tending to my hair I will be able to fully transition to natural hair. My goal is just to get through 2011 relaxer free.

My regimen:

1. Wash with Mane&Tail Deep Moisturizing Shampoo.

2. Quick condition with a mix of Palmer's Coconut Conditoner and Aussie 3 min miracle for 10 mins then rinse.

3. Deep Condition with Cream of Nature Intensive Conditioning, capful of Castor Oil, and capful of Argan Glosser, put on plastic cap and put under dryer for 20 mins.Rinse.

4.Motions CPR Intensive Leave in Conditioner, Argan Oil Glosser, and a few pumps of Argan Foaming Wrap Lotion.

*At This point I will probably be airdrying and wrapping my hair going forward but yesterday I did a blow dry and flat iron.

*Loved The results and I'm 14 weeks post relaxer and my hair came out shiny, soft, and bouncy, wish I had taken pics but it went right back into a protective style.:)

*********Cream of Nature Argan Oil Review*********

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  1. Good Luck with being relaxer free. I haven't used a relaxer since November 2007.I am thinking of relaxing it this June but I have to wait to see how that goes

  2. Good Luck I made it 6 months before i went back to relaxing. I could have went longer, but idk I just didn't make it. Good Luck!