Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Transition Files: Week 14

I am 14 weeks into my journey to natural hair and figured its time for an update. The last two months I was experiencing some very irritating dry issues and breakage and thought I was having a major setback as well as I trimmed about !n inch and a half.

Dec. 2010/Jan. 2011

My regimen was pretty much the same but over the last few weeks I've been a bit more consistent with deep conditioning on dry hair with heat, JBCO every other day, still using a bit of peppermint oil in my dcs, and baggying with either castor oil or olive oil.

Added to it was my favorite oil Argan :) I have been using it just about every day and the breakage is basically now done to none. As a heat protectant I have been using the Argan Foaming wrap lotion and my hair had been super soft and moisturized.

Today I tried out my new blow dryer and these are the results, looks like I'm finally seeing growth!

Feb. 2011

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