Sunday, February 20, 2011

Countdown to Graduation

You have to give it to me it seems that I'm an eternal optimist :) Been having a good couple of weeks though I've had some downs ,still seem to be making progress.
And as promised when I received the Zumba kit I was going to be going hard core :)

My motivation?

May 13, 2011 my fiance graduates from college and will be moving in with me permanently, that's in approximately 12 weeks, and I have every intention of watching my boo graduate in a body thats below 300lbs, so that's at least a 46lb goal for the next 3 months. Its doable and since him graudating will mark the beginning of our new lives together while I won't be at my goal yet I do want to have established some healthy habits.


*Cooking healthy yet tasty meals we can both share.

* Exercising at least 30 minutes a day.

* Established commitment to the Weight Watchers Plus plan so that I can and will continue on to my goal.

My tools for this.

****12 Week Financial Goals****

Something I also need to work on before we combine finances is learning better financial responsibility with my own. So those goals include:

*Buying no weight loss aides, journals, exercise dvds, or weights.

I currently have:
*Zumba kit with toning sticks,
*a 10 lb Kettlebell with workout dvd,
*5lb weights,
* the Jump Off toning program,
*Weight Watchers 3 Month Journal,
*seperate journal to record finances, moods, and summaries,
* Dance With Me Workout dvd,
*Pussycat Dolls workout dvd,
* Tae Bo Amped series,
*Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga,
* Biggest Loser BootCamp
*Jump Rope
*Stability Ball
*Stationary Bike

So needless to say I shouldn't need anything anytime soon, I have more than enough things to workout with and not be bored so, banning anything except maybe vitamins during this time frame.

* Save $50 to 75 each check in piggy:

It may seem strange that I would save money in my Piggy, but its best that I not keep it in my bank account since Piggy stays home and my debit card goes everywhere with me and I'm a bit swipe happy.

*Limit Eating out for lunch to no more than 3x a week, preferrably less but being realistic.

* Limit dinner out to no more than 2x a week.

* Make a menu and grocery shop once a week, no more wasted food aka wasted money.

* Limit lending money to only a trusted few.

*Track ALL expenses

* Give myself a weekly allowance and stick to it.

Pretty simple and I think doable, so I'll make my 12 week countdown tracker on the side.

Another motivation for this is regardless of what I acheive or don't he will be graduating and moving in so if I choose to be lazy and not acheive my goals I'm letting both of us down.

Anyways thats about all for now. Be blessed all.
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