Sunday, July 3, 2011

*I'm Back*

Hello to all of lovely blog followers. I'm back and want to thank all of you who are still subscribed and following my journey. It's been a rough couple of weeks but I can't let things get me down too long. I need to do better and if you are taking the time to follow me I need to give you better.

Still battling the scale and sadly it is winning currently. I weighed today at 347.4 which to be honest I'm a bit happy with since I've been stuck around 353 or more since May so I may have lost a few battles but this war with my weight is still mine to win.

I've been on enough plans and regimens to know what actually works for me. I wish I were one of those people who could lose weight simply by eating better and moving my butt.Unfortunately as has been proven time and again that's not how my body responds and i've finally accepted that. I'm carb sensitive. I have been for years and that plays a big part in this weight loss thing. Carbs are just not my friend my body responds to them whether it be junk, pasta, or even healthy ones like whole grains and fruit. They all make me feel drugged and lethargic, this past week I have been trying a way that worked for me years ago, the Stillman diet.Basically lean meats, green vegetables, cottage cheese and lowfat dairy and plenty of water.

I started last Sunday but wanted to at least get a few days under my belt before I got back into blogging my journey. I did have a few meals off but even with that I went from 351.4 to 347.4 today with no exercise, though I will be back in the gym after the holiday.

I set a goal at the beginning of the year to reach 199 by the end of the 2011. Considering that I am 6 months behind goal that would be a huge undertaking and I'm not up for setting myself up to be disappointed. What I would like to do is continue to lose at least 4lbs. a week until the end of the year which would give me a nice 100lb. loss. Exercise will be getting to Planet Fitness at least 3x a week and at home doing Kettlebell workouts and Zumba. Since I'm back tracking I will try to weigh in at least on Sundays and measuring once a month. My first goal is to break out of the 3's once and for all so thats a 47.4 lb goal. Thats about it for now, so see you all next week!
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  1. Its great that you are continuing your journey and still blogging about it. I agree that you have to set realistic goals. Try doing some interval training workouts while you are at home those work wonders as well.

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